Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Non Nobis Solum Nati Sumus

It's Latin, jackass, go look it up...

Odds are, you're smart. Yes, I'm talking about you.

I've recently been averaging about 50 readers per day on this crapass blog, a solid landmark to stroke my ego. Some of you quietly visit. Some of you email me with rather sweet fan mail. Some of you leave comments. Some of you can't shut the fuck up about your pregnancy.

I keep track of these things, because, let's face it, I'm a whore for external validation. I mean, I'm not blogging for my health.

Some of you are doctors. (Well, OK, one of you is a dentist.) Some (one) of you are nurses from foreign lands. A few of you are students. Several of you work with computers and/or the internet. Overall, however, the largest group of you are goddamned lawyers. Yes, you all know exactly who the hell you are.

Well, it has come to my attention that one loyal, but secretive, reader wants to go to law school. I'll call her KC, and she has recently applied to Willamette University College of Law. Good God, KC is no stranger to lawyers, and should know better!

Now, I won't pretend that Law School wasn't an awesome orgy of booze, sex and debauchery, because it was. In fact, it was a deviant hedonistic safari to degrees only dreamt of by mere mortals. God Bless George! Are you with me? GOD BLESS GEORGE!!

Sorry, I've been drinking.

So, KC has applied to the old alma mater, and truly, I wish her nothing but the absolute best in her endeavors. The school would be lucky to have her as a student, and I'd be the first in line to write a letter of recommendation. (Although, I suspect there is a certain former Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice whose letter would bear more weight...) I mean, anyone who can put up with her husband for as long as she has, possesses a Herculean spirit worthy of any challenge.

So, good luck to KC! I'm sure some of my WUCL alumni readers may have a word or two of advice.

By the way, if you are a WUCL grad, and you don't recognize the title, you weren't paying attention.


  1. eshay sownway ymay sasway

    It's pig latin.

  2. Brian Smith9:02 AM

    Well there goes another person selling their soul to the devil and making money off of other peoples misfortunes. Better start conditioning your liver now. Alcohol numbs the guilt of destroying peoples lives for money.
    Oh did I say that out loud?

  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    So the name "gin and tonic lounge" is appropriate after all.

  4. Inside voice, Brian, inside voice...

  5. Ahhh... WUCL.
    I do have to say, law school encompasses 10 of the best years of my life... No wait, that was undergrad... It all gets so blurry....

    I WOULD say that WUCL's a fine choice, though, significantly less attractive now that the Tahiti is the site of a bank drive through.

    BTW: for those of us who weren't altar boys and didn't have to learn latin: "We are not born for ourselves alone."


  6. brian smith11:00 AM

    Thats funny, I thought all you lawyers had the same slogun.
    "kick 'em while they are down"

  7. Well, actually, our motto is "Hey, it's a filthy Dentist, take his cash!!"

  8. brian smith11:52 AM

    Filthy...I like that. Kinda like the needles I use in all my laywers oral cavity. Actually, all the lawyers in my practice are pretty good patients, not many cavities with all that alcohol floating around.

  9. so all of that gin is good for my oral hygiene?

  10. I have to agree with Mitch. Yes, I even put that in writing. What's the point of WUCL without the heater? And did anyone else notice how many bars shut down after our class left town? Just sayin'...My only words of advice to a new WUCL student is this: If you must consume massive quantities of alcohol at lunch (and yes, you must) do not go to Burton's conlaw class. Ok, impossible since she retired. But she sensed it a mile away and went down our drunken row picking us off like dentists at a malpractice convention. Ok, that didn't make sense. But what do you expect? I'm.....yes, you got it.

  11. Brian Smith12:17 PM

    Brian, you may have something there... Gin in the air/water syringe lines. hmmmm. What a practice builder that would be. (If I wanted more lawyers as patients)

  12. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Leah, so how are you juggling the whole pregnancy and alcoholism thing?

  13. Leah's current gestating brat is her third. It's like a spare. So, it doesn't really matter much if it comes out a little hooked on the juice...

  14. Wow, more comments than the Paris photo post.

  15. but not as many as Starbucks, so now you know your place...

  16. Day isn't over yet.

  17. Anonymous2:52 PM

    oh SNAP!

  18. I'd post more about the Paris photo, but she WAS clothed....

  19. Anonymous10:13 PM

    So Starbucks determines value? I thought it was camels.

  20. Oh, I sense some padding going on. Yes, yes, the KC blog post now holds the Lounge record for most comments.

  21. “Et lux in tenebris lucet.”


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