Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hold on to your cocktails for this one!

I'm gonna talk sports.

If you know me, and I know you do, you know I'm no sports fan. Not a sports fan, in much the same way Hitler wasn't a fan of Yom Kippur...

In the last year, however, I have come to root for a suck-ass local soccer team. Be that as it may, THAT is not what this post is about.

No, this post, shockingly, is about Football. American-style gridiron pigskin college football. The purest form of the game.

OK, stop laughing.

Really! I'm going to write about football.

See, there's a game coming up this Saturday that I think you really should see. I've been reading up on it. Researching my subject, gathering data. I do believe, and fully expect, a bloody bone-rattling brawl. Or, at least, the media wants us to think so.

This Saturday, the holy Sabbath of college sports, the University of Oregon Ducks will play the Boise State Broncos in what amounts to the last non-conference match-up between the two. The Broncos, of course, lead the WAC, while the Ducks are #2 behind the juggernaut known as USC.

The Ducks would desperately love to catch USC, who are not only #1 in the PAC 10, but also #1 nationally. Problem is, the Ducks are badly injured and will rely, unusually, this Saturday on a PAIR of scrappy first-year quarterbacks, who will swap in and out as the need and play arrives.

The Ducks are fast, though, apparently, with some saying they are the fastest team in college football this year.

Boise, on the other hand, is young too, and come to the game with a well-stocked bag of tricks. Anyone who watched the Fiesta Bowl two years ago remembers exactly what I'm talking about.

What's worse, Boise's coach used to be an offensive coach for Oregon. Both coaches know each other very well.

The Ducks are apprehensive. The Broncos are realistic. Both teams seem to be putting particular energy into this game. I'm not really rooting for one over the other, although it can be fun to root for the underdogs...

so, that's what I'll be doing this Saturday at 12:30 pacific time.

I'm sure there are some Broncos fans who might want to say something. Probably some Ducks as well.

Any Beavers want to chime in?


  1. beaver8:07 AM

    Eat me.

  2. bleeds blue and orange9:06 AM

    The Ducks better bring it. Bronco Nation is on it's way.

  3. Mr. Eleven9:08 AM

    From a true sports fan - and football junkie - well researched and well written. This one will come down to whose defense plays the best. Broncos 35 Ducks 21.

  4. I'll take sports over politics anyday

  5. I plan to watch the game. You are welcome to bring the fam down for it. I think Ed is still in Europe, or he would be over for sure.

    Oh yeah. Nice blog for your anniversary.

    Next year write something sappy for the wife.

  6. The Ducks had also better watch out for Cal and UCLA. Both teams have potential this year. However, All three teams will ultimately loose to the deepest USC team in years.
    Oh yeah and they also have the best coach in the Pac 10.

    I'm starting to sound like Jill Wiggins...

  7. Zara of Doom1:04 PM

    You're also starting to look like Jill Wiggins. Better cut back on those Calories...

  8. Lucky Red3:33 PM

    Holy crap you are actually getting down the lingo and the game? The boy is becoming a man...they grow up so darn fast...sniff...pretty soon I'll start seeing you at Claudia's screaming at the big screen...


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