Monday, September 15, 2008


Would you let a little mouse
Live inside your great big house?

Gnawing at your wiring
And baby mousies siring

Eating doggy's kibble and bits
Laving behind his mousie shits

Scamper and scratch behind the wall
In the ceiling and down the hall

You would not, like me, I bet
And so that's why the trap is set

Baited up with peanut butter
Set among the household clutter

Waiting now, for the loud snap
Then I'll be done with mousie crap

Soon the trap will snap its neck
Til then, I drink out on the deck.


  1. One in the first hour. Two by morning.

  2. Were there words after the hottie?

  3. What happened to NSFW? That's a little risque to be opening up!

  4. You should skin them and keep their hides as trophies.

  5. I was thinking more like heads on pikes...

    Maybe Crucifixion.

  6. A crucifixion scene with lego maybe?

    yeah, I know it's a crap comment but it's not a politics blog and I had to say something...

  7. How'd you get my Halloween pic??


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