Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Adama 08

It has begun.

The predictable parodies have arrived, as they do every election cycle.


Admiral Adama

Even Lord Voldemort...

Most go unheeded. Although, a few years back, Howard Stern had to apply the brakes when he started polling 30% in the New York governor's race.

And then there is the blur. Reagan, for instance, became President. Arnold became Governor. Gopher from the Love Boat actually went to Congress. And really, I still can't figure out the Jessy Ventura thing.

Still though, the fictitious candidates do lend themselves to the prospect of speculation. Which fictitious character would you support in a bid for the White House?

If asked, I know Mrs G&T (as well as Dave) would both probably nominate Jed Bartlet.

I, myself, have rolled it around, considering the qualities and characteristics of various characters. Pondering individual gravitas, intelligence and oratory skills. Political acumen. Deference to the Rule of Law.

And really, it comes down to just a few...

Capt. Jean Luc Picard, for instance, holds a surplus of most of these traits, all of them in fact. He would be, I think, perfect President. Problem is, he's French. So, sorry, but Article II Section 1 wouldn't allow that. Capt. Janeway? Nah...

Atticus Finch, of To Kill a Mockingbird fame, also comes to mind, maybe with George Bailey of It's a Wonderful Life as his running mate. These two, however good, however loyal and hard working, may just be too good... Whereas Picard could take on the entire Klingon Empire, Finch and Bailey seemed to have never ending problems with small towns...

Col. Sherman Potter from MASH? No, too much like McCain.

Yoda? Hmmm... size matters not.

Tony Soprano? To much like Dick Cheney...

Agent Dana Scully, X-Files, maybe ... maybe... Smart, tough, independent. Although her close association with her crackpot partner might ruin her chances... That and the whole alien abduction thing.

I dunno. I just dunno.

There needs to be a balance. Virtue in the modern, but also in the classical forms. An intersection between Machiavelli and Plato. Putting the earnest face in front with the remorseless muscle in the background. This leads me, I suppose, to one conclusion...

Sheriff Seth Bullock, historically-inspired sheriff of Deadwood, with Al Swearingen (business owner...) as his running mate. The Cowboy and the Devil. It's worked before...

So, what about you? Who would you vote for?


  1. I would vote for the girls next door because, well, they are sexy and you get three of them. Always carry around a spare blonde.

    I also was impressed with Paris Hilton's commercial and I like being called a bitch.

  2. ...and with that, Dr. Brian has a new nickname. Wear it well, Dr. Bitch.


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