Saturday, September 13, 2008


Did ya notice?

Did ya bother to watch?

Did you see the right-wing oil puppets stand up at the lectern last week, one after another, singing the praises of Senator John S. McCain?

-See? There! I just did it too.

The Republican nominee, for as long as he's been in politics, (And he's been a politician for a long time) has always gone by "John McCain."

But now, suddenly, he is John S. McCain. The "S," by the way, stands for Sidney.

It's subtle! Well, sorta. I mean, there isn't another John McCain running for office. So, the sudden use of the middle initial isn't to clarify which candidate we're talking about.


It's meant to be a reminder. A cynical, racist, bigoted reminder, pandering to small-minded yokels, of Obama's middle name.

Now, I had no choice in the selection of my middle name, and I'm certain you didn't either. Well, unless you legally changed it as an adult. My middle name was almost my first name. My son's middle name was also almost his first name. However, the name is never the choice of the name holder.

His name, in fact, was his father's name. He is the second. His father was the first. Apart from the name, and about one month when he was ten, his father had no influence on him.

Yet, the McCain-Palin camp has sunk to the ridiculous low of the subtle reminder. They used it! They chose to use it!

They made the conscious decision to use it, because they believe Americans are stupid and easily manipulated. They believe fear and war mongering can win yet another victory for the oil companies.

And then...


There is the wicked far-right branch of the Republican party. You know, the one's that have a penchant for inbreeding and snake handling... You know damn well who I'm talking about.

Well, seems there is a current in their little circle, a new tactic. Lacking decency, charity, good teeth, a complete set of 46 chromosomes or the ability to reason, they have taken to calling Mr. Obama: "B. Hussein Obama," which is, in fact, his name, subtlety be damned!

There is nothing wrong with using someone's name. You can call me Mr. G. and Tonic if you'd like. But the purpose, the intent, the goal is to cause fear and derision due to his middle name....

The underlying assumption is that "Hussein" is a bad word, that anyone with that name cannot be a good American because it's MUSLIM!! (Or African...)

And this cynical bigotry troubles me greatly. It has for a while. It makes me very worried about this country and the people in it.

And then there is this. It's a video. It's political. There are no naked women. There is no sex. However, it is far more nauseating and pain inducing than even that wretched two-girls-one-cup video...

Remember, people are buying into this shit. People you work with. People you drink with. Maybe it's your family. Maybe it's your neighbor.

It makes me very sad for this country. Mr. Obama says that we are better than this. Maybe we are not.


  1. And just as pathetic is the fact that ole' Sidney is getting a free pass from the media lately (unless its a question about lipstick). Its a sad, sad day when The View (The View!!!) is the only place where he has been asked about anything substantive.

  2. Are you reading the comments in your email where you can't see links again? If not, there is a link to the article about Walnuts appearance on the View. That is the only way I know what happens on that show. Well, unless my mom is talking to me about it. You can call her and ask her about it.

  3. George W Bush3:16 PM

    My middle name is Walker. So, there is a serious risk that I might be a kick-boxing Texas Ranger.

  4. Franklin D. Roosevelt3:21 PM

    My middlename was Delano, So there was a risk that I might be... uh... a Delano.

    Whatever the fuck that is.

  5. Well at least you can see early signs of brain cancer from ole teddy.

    Old people are easily confused and have a hard time differentiating Osama from Obama.

    A lot of them vote.

  6. Queen Noor11:10 AM

    My name is Hussein, too.


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