Sunday, September 28, 2008

Going Once... Going Twice...

OK, kids, I may regret this, but I'm going for it.

I'm going to employ this fully-functional battle station to do some good, recognizing in advance that I may very well fall flat on my ass.

Ideally, what I'm shooting for here, is fun. FUN!

FUN! is the point.

So, I'm going to hold a little charity auction, and in turn, donate the entire collected pot to the Obama campaign to help fund the upcoming battleground state struggles.

What I need from you, to start with, are the items to be auctioned. Now several of you have emailed me, asking me what you should donate. I am happy to help you narrow down your options. However, I'm hoping half the fun is going to be the process coming up with our kooky collection of goodies.

Think: "Lounge"

Think: "booze."

Think: "prurient."

Think: "religion."

Think: "spectacle."

Think: "pleasure."

This is us, I'm talking about.. We few, we drunken few...

Don't go crazy, though, since I'm hoping to keep this thing friendly. Ideally, you'll come up with something that says "Loyal Drunkin Rambler," that might fetch somewhere between 10 to 50 bucks. Photographs of you and your partner in the throws of love are fine, just please, don't be ugly.

There are a few of you (well one of you) who will not support Obama in any way. That's OK. You can support the Lounge instead, and maybe pick up some swag in the mean time.

Once the loot is collected, then I'll start the auctions, posting them and timing them depending on how much we have, and how much time the campaign has left.

This is a casual auction between friends. Your donations are not tax deductible. In the case of a dispute, I will be the final arbiter.

So, let us know in the comments section what you will be donating. However, please also email me confirmation of your donation, since comments are occasionally too anonymous for me to figure out. As you should know, you can email me at:

I'm excited to see what you will come up with!


  1. Oosje3:28 AM

    A comment from France...Finally Im able to see the blog AND I have a contribution for the auction. but I can't send it from here. I'll be home tuesday, tomorrow night. I hope that is not to late. Everyone here is very well informed and opinionated on the election. It's been very interesting to see/hear. The newspapers are full of articles about McCain and Obama, and in the cafes I can hear the conversations about them.

  2. I don't know whether I should donate a bottle of booze from China or a small jade dragon necklace.

    Oh yeah… I will also be donating some bootleg Philippine porn and a DVD of Japanese Hentai porn.

  3. I'm sorry that I will not be able to contribute. I am selling off my extra items in order to generate revenue to pay my share of this brilliant economic bail out.

    However, I was very pleased to hear Friday night how both candidates have sound plans to get us out of this crisis.

    Maybe we need the wisdon of the French...

  4. Ooh, secret swag from France....

    Oh, and yes, Inog is definitely on the right track!

    That's OK Dr. B, just as long as to continue to entertain us with your wit and charm...

    One last thing, do not overlook this opportunity to promote yourself with your donation, like with your band's new CD, for instance...

  5. Oh, by the way, I will be donating a Gin and Tonic kit, which includes a bottle of gin, a bottle of tonic and two limes, wrapped in a tasteful gift box...

  6. Hmm. Okay. The Action 45 Promotional Omelet Kit. Contains a CD, t-shirt and the Action 45 Omelet. Maybe even a Miller High Life if we can figure out how to package it.

  7. auntie bsu3:03 PM

    I've been thinking and thinking of what to donate and have two ideas....I'll email them to you Mr. G&T.

  8. I have a Hello Kity bra to donate. It will cost more if you make me wear it for a few minutes.

  9. hmmm... will there be photographic proof that you'd worn it?

  10. The tags will still be on.

    I am not taking a picture of me in it. Sorry.

  11. I think Marge and I can come up with a Hello Kitty Calendar! ;)

  12. auntie bsu6:45 PM

    I've got a portrait of Barack Obama done by my two and a half year old.

  13. Can I donate the picture of you taken on the 3rd St Promenade?

  14. I'd be happy to donate the audiobook of my novel. Usually sells for $35

  15. Diva--I thought we said we weren't going to share THAT calendar when we made it!


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