Saturday, September 06, 2008


Greetings from the tent. Mrs G&T and I, along with the boy, have driven to Idaho to visit Oosje and Bampa, and to pick up the girl who has been visiting here for the past 3 weeks.

The sky has been blue here in this pristine alpine valley. The weather is perfect, and I have opted to sleep outdoors in the spacious tent next to the meadow.

Fortunately, Oosje's WiFi signal reaches all the way out here!

So, I look forward to peeing behind a tree at 3:00 in the morning, and sleeping in relative silence. With luck, Sasquatch won't get me.

Or the bears...

Or the moose.

Or Steven Spielberg. (his house is just down the road, and I hear he is a vicious sleep walker when he's been drinking....)

Ah, but you should see the stars...


  1. Osaka has free Wi-Fi all over the place.

    But I am not going to stay in a tent here.

  2. auntie bsu7:52 AM

    The stars at Oosje's house are the best. There are millions and millions of them and I often like to sit on the back patio slab and look at them....It's a good way to get lost in ones thought.

    Thanks for stopping by to see us yesterday. Lil' announced last night that her happy thought was going to the park with Ace and making footprints with Mrs. G&T! It was sweet.

  3. Dick Cheney10:56 PM

    Fire in the hole!


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