Friday, September 26, 2008


So, I'm working on this idea...

With the political polls as close as they are, and the future in the balance as it is, I'd like to do something. I'd like to help out. I'd like to put this crappy little blog to some good use, but still have some fun, Lounge Style...

So, I bounced this general idea of of a couple of you today, and one of you hit the idea on the nose.

So, what I think we should do, is hold an auction. A Gin and Tonic Lounge charity auction, with ALL proceeds going to the Obama campaign to help finance the fight in the battleground states. Here is your chance to make a difference. And have a little fun too.

There will be three steps.

First, we must accumulate the loot. The booty. The inventory. Maybe you can donate a bottle of gin. Or maybe something you brought back with you from China. Maybe it's a copy of your band's new CD, or maybe it's a picture of your boobs.

Maybe you're an anti-tax libertarian dentist, but for the good of the Lounge you can donate some floss, or some NASCAR memorabilia. Maybe you're a dancer and you can donate a poll dancing class. Maybe you're a lawyer and you can donate a free will.

Maybe you live on a different continent and can't even vote in our elections, and would like to donate something unique from the UK or perhaps Paris...

Maybe you live on a boat, and, well, you could donate something nautical. Maybe you're an artist and would like to donate something that you've made...

Think of it as the ultimate submission contest. Think of it as doing the right thing.

Next, we all have to activate our extensive social networks and promote the hell out of this thing. Link to all the folks you know. Bring in the bidders. Generate some buzz. Bid on goodies and support Obama in the process.

Lastly, We bid. I will highlight and promote each donation, one at a time, and open the comments section to the bidding. If we open our wallets, or maybe if your friends open their wallets, then we can build a donation pot and have fun in the mix.

So, anyway, that's the idea. Anyone interested?

If so, what might you donate?


  1. I think you would need a tool other than the lounge to do this. Mechanically, I don't think it would work under this architecture.

    But I would donate.

  2. Lucky Red8:50 AM

    It's early and I'm hung over- you listed a few things I have that I could donate-which makes me think you've snooped in my basement... and although I have yet to procliam this guy messiah, I fear if he looses my French is too rusty to flee the count me in...oh, and we could have a bake sale in your front yard...and sell spiked brownies and lemonade...

  3. Any requests from the uk?

  4. Actually, I think it would work. i mean, I'm no E-bay, but I think the structure lends itself to a small friendly fund raiser.

    For instance, say you donate your commemorative Cheech and Chong (tobacco only) water pipe. I post an auction for the pipe, with a photo and description, and set a deadline. Bids take place in the comments section for that item post.

    Highest bid at the deadline wins. Essentially, the idea is to have fun with relatively small-ticket items.

  5. Lisa -- full set of Harry Potter in their rightful language.


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