Monday, September 29, 2008


What response!

So far we have:

A gin and tonic kit
A date night kit
An Obama portrait
A Christmas letter service
An Action 45 promotional Omelet kit (I have no idea)
A dirty homemade Hello Kitty calendar
An almost-unworn Hello Kitty bra (with NO photos of the donor wearing it)
A special photo of Mr. Gin & Tonic with help from Michelangelo
An audio book
Two DVDs of egregious black market Japanese porn
And one surprise from my mother-in-law.

That is a great start. I'm going to leave the donations open for another day. So, put your thinking caps on. If you've seen Palin's recent performance with Katie Couric or McCain's recent political grandstanding, then you know what we have to do.

For those of you who have already committed, let's get the goods to me, muy pronto! Most of you know my mailing address. If you don't, email me at

And someone explain to me what an Action 45 Omelet is...


  1. Glad you asked -

  2. Think Dirty Sanchez but worse...

  3. I remember the Michelangelo picture... I think I had one on my 'fridge. Since I don't know where mine is, I might have to bid on it!

    But tell me more about this "calendar."

    I can certainly donate some schwag from expired dot-com companies!

  4. Oh wait, I work for a dot-com. Let me see what we got around here.

  5. Ok.... I have a couple of bottles of freaky ass Chinese liquor. This is a liquid that ignites, which means it is at least 100 proof. It polishes copper (makes pennies look shiny and new). It removes paint. Blurs vision. Numbs the face and hands. Makes tequila run scared. I volunteer Brian to drink one shot for every $20.00 bid. All shots must be consumed within 1 hour. Highest bidder gets to watch, laugh and post the video on YouTube.

  6. Sorry Mitch, there will be no calendar. Diva's not allowed to share it.

  7. Hope Brian's got some good life insurance. Sounds like that Chinese liquor doesn't even NEED to make the recall list (although that's quite likely anyway) to be deadly.

  8. the voice of reason2:48 PM

    Inog has the right idea. Donating to Obama should be painful. Give until it hurts because its going to hurt more later.

  9. I have a framed copy of the Michelangelo picture over my bed.


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