Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Out of the Sandbox: Tricia Helfer

It may be rumor, or it may be fact. I have no idea. Story goes, when you register your website or blog with Google, you stay on the back burner, or "in the sandbox," until such time as Google determines that you are not a fly-by-night operation.

Well, based on the trusty old sitemeter, it seems that I am finally off of Google's double-secret probation. I've been getting a flood of referrals from Google in the last month or so...

Funny thing is (some of you already know this) the referral link from Google links back to the visitor's original Google search terms. This means I can see what terms were search that led to the Lounge.

And yes, that is a little creepy, but it is still fun nonetheless.

Surprisingly, the second most popular search term that leads to the Lounge has been "Assapalooza." Seems that folks, mostly on the east coast, really want to find Assapalooza. And for that, they come to me.

More surprising, however, is the number one search term that leads folks here to me. That term, of course, is "pronunciation of Pepperoncini," one of my finer early posts...

So, the punch line is, earlier today, I got a call from Tom, who kindly informed me that Tricia Helfer, Number Six on Battlestar Galactica, was on Howard Stern. (Tom and I both subscribe to Sirius satellite Radio.) Later, however, while reviewing my stats, I discovered a spike in Google referrals for folks searching for naked pictures of Tricia Helfer.

Coincidence? Perhaps. Just in case, though, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all of the Howard fans who have happened by. You can click HERE for the naked pics of Tricia!


  1. Anonymous12:12 PM

    This was the GREATEST POST EVER!!

  2. amanda12:22 PM

    Uh. Wow. You're setting the bar pretty high there, Anonymous. (Brian, I disagree, this wasn't the best post ever. Keep trying there, camper.)

  3. I'm with Amanda, not the best post. I prefer photos of Strider looking cute and adorable in the snow to Tricia nakedness. One thing Ive noticed with Season 3 is that Tricia is looking a bit, well, old. She's becoming a butter face

  4. assapalooza2:40 PM

    Amanda must be some sort of retard

  5. amanda3:03 PM

    Of course I'm "some kind of retard." I'm a regular commentator on this bloody blog! Regardless, if I'm gonna go look at naked chicks, I would choose something better than a stringy blonde.

  6. I take requests.

  7. Why dont you just tryout for American Idol like all of the other attention whores? Oh crap, I just gave you another idea for blog traffic. Um, can you find a nakie pic of Lindsey Lohan?

  8. Having "hypothetically" downloaded the pictures of Tricia last week... I can say its as good a reason as any to use Google, that's for certain!

  9. Dr. B: I can't sing.

    Mitch: in deed!

  10. amanda5:48 PM

    How about a video of Franke Potente stripping to "World in My Eyes?" I'd "forget" to pay my school loans and forward the check to you, if you managed that one.

  11. Speaking of Tricia, what the hell ever happened to your other blog? Are you and abestis too busy wanking eachother off to post anything over there?

  12. Thank you for posting naked pictures of Tricia. What makes Tricia so HOT is that she is Number 6 and her spine glows when she has sex. Jan 21st is almost here. I've missed you No. 6.

  13. I ♥ large breasts.

    Sorry,I don't remember what your post was about.


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