Wednesday, January 24, 2007


At 6:05 pm, Pacific Standard Time, The Lounge passed, for the first time, 100 individual visitors in one day. This is, of course, a mile stone only for my narcisistic ego. However, I would like to take the oppotunity to thank each of you for your continued support.

I would also lilke to thank Pepperoncinis, Tricia Helfer, and Google for their part in this small achivement.

Thank you Tricia Helfer:

Thank you Pepperoncini:


  1. I still only read it for the comments.

    Mainly my own comments at that.

  2. Brian,
    We would all like to thank you for enriching our lives with daily brilliance and wit.

    I agree with Carl,
    Take the comment section away and see how many readers you have.

  3. I mostly read it for the comments too.

  4. And the naked pictures of Tricia Helfer. If I see it here its not really surfing porn, its more like contributing to Brian's therapy.

  5. amanda9:46 AM

    The comments section is a cocktail party atmosphere. Without it, it's just a pompous, drunken ass spouting off about some nonsense. It's the people who watch said ass and comment that make the party interesting.

  6. which is why there needs to be an actually Gin and Tonic event...

  7. "Pompous, drunken ass spouting about some nonsense" Well put.
    I have never heard anything more acurate to describe Mr. Ruff

    We had an English teacher that called his writing crape'

    I'd say its like a burning log.

  8. Anonymous10:08 AM

    We like the nakie pictures

  9. The reason the viewer count is so high is that we come back to read the comments.

    Scroll straight past the post you sweated over the previous night and go straight to the comments - unless there's nakedness, then we scroll more slowly

    and B.S his writings crape - is that like a crepe?

  10. Let Me Add:
    1. I read it for Inog's comments. heaven knows - Your highest rated blog entries are the ones where you say " I don't have time to post a blog;"
    2. A small complaint - if you're going to have Tricia Helfer pictures, use the naked ones from this month's playboy. If you don't have them... let me know, I'll send 'em;
    3. I think we all agree, there's ONE person who regularly logs in, to find out the very up-to-the-second information about Princess Leah's reproductive system.

  11. Seriously Brian -- if you are putting together a G&T event, I am there. Congrats on the milestone. You crazy fuckers all make my mornings brighter.

  12. That picture of Tricia creeps me out. I can't get past what looks like her deflated chest.

  13. Perhaps the Galactica crew decided the only way to defeat number 6 was to steal her implants..

  14. thanks all.

    I admit, it's not the best picture of Tricia, but at least she's shiny.

  15. The panty6:01 PM

    I thank Tricia Helfer for not smelling or tasting like fish


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