Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Geek Deeply

Jan 8, 2007
8:29 PM
Arrived at FedEx location

Those are the words I have been waiting for. Those are the words for which I have been searching and scanning, minute by damn-near minute. I have already downloaded and read the 180-page owners manual. I have left the link to the FedEx tracking site up on my computer since last week, refreshing frequently to find word, any word, on the updated status of the trek across the country.

"Do you know where your camera is?" You may ask.
"Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I do."

Last Tuesday, I was pleased to read that it had left Texas, and was on its way to Oregon. However, later in the day it struck me, my poor lonely little camera was in a box on a truck in the middle of goddamn nowhere. What if there was an accident, or a hijacking, or a fire? What if the driver got lost? You know how I am about my stuff.

Being on a truck in the middle of the highway, in the middle of the night, in the middle of Texas is about as far out of my control as an object can get...

So it was, a few days ago, as I dined over sushi with a friend. I told her about my crazed obsession with the camera purchase. She observed that while she knew I was a geek, she was amazed by my capacity for geeking deeply. I assured her this was not the first time....

There was my addiction to The One Ring Dot Net during the never-ending lead-up to The Fellowship of the Ring. There was the Mulder and Scully action figures on my wedding cake. There are between Seven and Nine Thousand Magic: the Gathering cards in color-coded binders gathering dust under my house. There is the hand-made speed-felt-topped 10-man poker table under the house as well...

Oh, I have the capacity to geek pretty damn deep.

I suppose do I enjoy it on occasion, although life and age have afforded me fewer opportunities as time slips by. Perhaps I have to look for opportunities these days. I mean, really, it's just a camera.

But on the other hand, it's mine.... All mine... My prrrrecioussssssss......


  1. Cameras, like most things, are objects of convenience. You use them when you have them handy. A big one gets in the way, and though it may be fun and cool, you can’t just whip it out at parties and what not. A small one that has the necessary functions and can easily fit in your hand does just as good, but ends up getting used more. It doesn’t stand out and you can quickly bring it out, shoot, and it is away without too much fuss.

  2. Wow, next time try overnighting it. Save some stress cells for something more worthy... like praying during the final minutes of the Fiesta Bowl.

  3. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Wow, inog was talking about cameras? That really could have been about something else.

  4. It's not the thing you geek, but the geek itself

  5. As long as you're using it to shoot more porn, I'm all for it...

  6. Wait, you're a man and you read the instruction manual?

    You really are gay

  7. Anonymous7:18 PM

    If you are going to geek over something, at least make it geek worthy.

    Of course, I'm talking to the guy who probably thinks the Zune is cool.

  8. Correction about our conversation: I knew you could geek out like no one's business; that was never in question. But, by reading the freakin' manual before even receiving the camera was hitting a new low for even you.

    Regarding iphone: Too mainstream to properly geek over. Try again, anonymous.

  9. amanda8:42 PM

    The face grease that would inevitably get all over the display is enough to make me pass...I loves me the apple products, but that doesn't make the grade.

  10. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Too mainstream? They haven't even been released yet. I've actually started writing my own manual as there isn't one to read in advance yet.

    Though I see your point. I told Brian that he wasn't really geeking out over something as mundane as a camera. Now, if it was an actual Stormtrooper costume from Episode IV movie shooting that he planned to wear to the next convention, that would be geeking.

    I'm not worried about facegrease, though the word "facegrease" makes me giggle.

    Oooh. Watch the introduction video for all the features.

  11. amanda10:06 AM

    I already watched it. On my black MacBook (whom I refer to as my sexy little man...which makes its name Webster). I think it's sexy as hell, I just don't think I want it.


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