Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Woke up to six inches of fresh powder on the back-yard ski slope. Our steep street, while perfectly good for sledding, is not ideal for driving. According to the local news, the freeway between my home and office isn't any better.

Snow day!

Fire in the fireplace. Monkey in fleece. I take the dog and the camera for a hike around the back yard. Technically, the boy is half husky, but he has traditionally been a little timid with regard to snow.

Well not this year. By some miracle, the Snowdog switch has been flipped!

The girls are now napping, and I am sipping scotch. Fluffy white flakes continue to fall from the sky.

Oh, and the mighty mountain predator is curled up in a ball behind my desk...


  1. Snowday!

    Some people have all the luck - want to swap for some rain?

  2. It never snows in the Philippines.


  3. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Great opportunity to catch up on some porn

  4. snowed in down the valley2:29 PM

    That's one HELL of a camera!

  5. I love snow days in my Toyota Land Cruiser.

    If only my Land Cruiser had monster truck tires and a winch to haul myself up a tree like that one. Yee-haa!

    My testosterone level is unusually high today. I want to pull other cars out of snow banks and engage in massive snowball wars.

  6. dude, it was SO not six inches. four, max. but, then again, i guess you do have a tendency to over estimate distance/length/depth....

  7. The panty3:46 PM

    I was frozen off!


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