Thursday, January 25, 2007


So, they saved the cheerleader. Presumably, now, they will save the world. Unless, that is, Peter blows his own ass up.

Heroes is a fine fine television program. It has the mysterious intrigue of Lost and the persistent pacing of 24. It's on NBC, Monday nights at 9:00 (except perhaps in the Central time zone.) (Jesus, what is the Central Time zone anyway? Does anyone even live there? And if so, why can't they stay up an hour later like the rest of the goddamn country??)

Watching Heroes makes me wonder at times, usually late at night, after a drink or three, if I got to choose one super power, any super power, what would it be?


Webs from my fingers?

Fireballs from my ass?

No... None of that. No telepathy. No levitation. No super strength or even invulnerability.

No, if I got to choose one super power, it would be x-ray vision. Obviously.

C'mon, you saw that one coming a mile away...


  1. Wait - You want to see peoples' bones, be a portable CAT scan and diagnose and cure the worlds' ills?

    Surely you mean the ability to see through someones clothing..

  2. No, he's serious. Brian has a fetish for prosthetics and good bone structure gets him hard.

  3. Brian's imagination is far better than the reality of x-ray vision super power. Actually having the power would a let down for him.

  4. You all have no idea how Vegas works, do you.

  5. casinos have x-ray vision?

  6. The panty2:20 PM

    X-ray vision so you could see me and see through me? I thought everyone could see thought me.

  7. The ability to never get a hang over.


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