Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I misjudged my audience.

Here I thought cerebral folks would value an introspective investigation of my memory's minutiae. Silly me.

I knew all along what the regular and repetitive readers of the lounge want. Why they want nothing less than ASS. And lots of it!!

So, here you go! Here is some fine smooth ass for you!!

Ya, that's what I'm talking about!! Let's look at more ass!!

Oh Fuck ya! Ass! Ass!

And for the ladies, (and Dr. Brian) here's some hot man ass!

Oh goddamn, look at all that ass! Forget all those words and shit! Who cares about a well written turn of phrase?? Let's look at more ass!

Oh my god, so much ass, I may never write anything ever again!


  1. You're definitely not gay - that guy is not hot. Or you could be gay with no taste..

    Next time you want a pic of a hot naked guy, ask me, I have a whole file of them

  2. Would it be correct to ASSume that you are Butt hurt about yesterdays comments?

    Dont get me wrong we all like the nakie pics. Some of us look at that stuff on a daily(hourly) basis. Right Dave?

    Your ability to make present day events give you flashbacks is a very clever way for us to see just how wierd you really are.

  3. K fed's ex wife8:21 AM

    Where's my picture?

  4. "Or you could be gay with no taste..." Well duh! The man wears sweater vests! Also, I feel compelled to point out, a couple of days ago Brian was sending me verse after verse of show tunes. He said Tom knows even more. Guy "friends" for 25 years, singing show tunes together....just sayin'...

  5. The panty9:01 AM

    I guess I'm not next to the best thing on earth anymore. :'(

  6. Um, in retrospect, drinking and blogging don't mix...

  7. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Neither does drinking with Tom apparently

  8. Tom's ass9:35 AM

    I miss Brian since I moved back to Cali

  9. Nice Blog Title. Asses tend to produce more blog comments faster than any other topic.

  10. Actually, Dr. Brian, we now have whole teams in Puerto Rico that take care of this for the company.

    We have thugs.

  11. amanda1:14 PM

    Actually, I'm not that impressed with any of the chosen asses. This would have been the perfect opportunity to cross promote your interests and utilize the laminated list as your ass photograph material. I'm very disappointed in you, Brian.

  12. The first ass might be smooth, but Im more drawn to her not so smooth pussy bushing out...

  13. someone who has seen amanda's panties, which, really, could be almost anyone1:54 PM

    I thought that the ass on the far right in the last photo was Amanda's.

  14. amanda3:17 PM

    Perhaps this someone shouldn't leave such a long name. I can assure you that I do not wear lime green. Nor do I see the point of that pose. There's no action in that composition! Also. The panties would be cast aside, thrown willy nilly, I dare say. Definitely not my ass. And frankly, who HASN'T seen my panties? I was at sea, for god's sake!?

  15. Hey Amanda, if you want to send me a picture of your ass, I'd be happy to post it.

    C'mon, you know you wanna...

  16. amanda3:48 PM

    Those pictures are only for me and the paying members, Brian.

  17. I could get these guys to gin up some cash...

  18. amanda's ass3:54 PM

    I'm highly overrated.

  19. amanda4:03 PM

    It's true. It's true. You still love being overrated in those tight red pants, though.

  20. Amanda's lime green panties4:04 PM

    Don't believe her. I'm her favorite pair.

  21. amanda's granny panties4:15 PM

    That's such a lie, and you know it. I'm her favorite pair. You can tell by how stretched out the elastic waistband is!

  22. Amanda's lime green panties4:19 PM

    You're all strectched out because you're the pair she masturbates in...

  23. amanda's granny panties4:24 PM

    She masturbates in all her panties and without them too. She's sort of hard up these days. You'd understand if you've seen her ass...

  24. amanda's ass4:28 PM

    Hey, goddamn it, don't blame me if you can't get laid!

  25. amanda's socks5:58 PM

    That's it. I'm moving out of this drawer.

  26. I'm looking forward to Amanda's panties keeping a blog.

  27. My vagina is jealous......


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