Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Monday Fashion Minute


  1. And the point of locking the corset is?

    And was that a man in the corset? Gross.

  2. familytrain3:26 PM

    I thought it might be Brian in the corset, but the ass wasn't pimply enough.

    I'd totally hit that, though.

  3. I'm not sayin it was me. Then again, I'm not sayin it wasn't...

  4. I want to know what search words Brian puts in youtube to get these videos..

  5. In law school we would have races on the net to see who could find a picture of a random item or event the fastest. Anytime something of a prurient nature was at issue, Brian always won.

    Monkeys jacking off? Brian

    Goat sex? Brian

    A man with a 3 foot long schlong? Brian

    He could find anything so long as it was morally offensive to the majority of the people in the room.

  6. but the wedding ring was a nice touch...


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