Sunday, December 17, 2006

Something About March

It's that time of year again. It's the beginningg of the gin-&-tonic family's December-long birthday bonanza!

Starting with today, we wish Mrs G&T a hardy happy birthday. I won't say how old she is, but I will confirm that she is older than me by twelve days.

In middle, is the monkey. In three days, she will be 2. However, we celebrated this afternoon. Thanks to the loyal Loungers who braved the sea tots. The monkey thanks you for the the books.

Then, twelve days from now, I'll be 36.


  1. You forgot about Jesus

  2. Jesus? Nah.. My birthday was two weeks ago.

  3. britney "cootchiecootchie coo" spears8:12 PM

    Fuckers. My birthday is this month too, you know.

  4. bob guccione8:19 PM

    My birthday is today. And, I think Brian would remember me before Jesus.

  5. brad pitt9:37 PM

    I also have a birthday this month and Brian thinks aboug me every night.

  6. Anonymous9:50 PM

    How does Brad Pitt have time to write on this blog? Isn't he too busy sucking Frank Gehry's balls and adopting other women's adopted children?

  7. Do we get a pic of your 36 year old B-day ass?

  8. angelina jolie12:17 AM

    I thought Brad was only sucking my balls. . .

  9. Ahem. Mitch and I are hurt. Aren't we Mitch? Where's the love, Bri? I even offered you and Mrs. G & T a night of free babysitting by a grandmother so all of us with December birthdays could go get drunk and pretend we're ten years younger then we really are.

    Great tot party, btw. Tell Mrs G & T well done. You, however, stood on the sidelines and looked vaguely terrified. And let your precious child smack my kid in the face with a train. Must be the parenting.

  10. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I've never been more proud of the monkey.

  11. The Monkey did exhibit fine form with her choo-choo aided punch.

  12. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I dont get it, whats in March?

  13. March is 9 months before December..

    September is the busiest month for births - 9 months after Christmas

  14. So you people have actually counted back to see when your parents had sex to make you.
    Thats just wrong.
    I walked in on mine one time...crap I just threw up in my mouth again.

  15. My 3 siblings were all born in January, I was born in April. When I asked my mum why they were all born in January, she explained that was 9 months after the annual cricket team Dinner Dance
    Yep, my dad took advantage of my drunken mama

  16. Without alcohol I'd still be a virgin.

  17. Mrs. G&T12:23 PM

    I've seen most of the male readers of this blog. As a special birthday treat, I implore you to NOT post any photos of their asses. Really, ladies, trust me. But, YouTube probably has James Marsters ass, which would be a fine birthday gift.

  18. The panty1:19 PM

    In March it is wet outside and I can attest that it is wet on the inside, too!

  19. Without alcohol I'd still be a virgin

    B.S - that really goes without saying...

  20. familytrain5:38 PM

    mom, without your ripe eggs, I'd just be a genetically incomplete wad of crunchy toilet paper. thank you. and I was born in March. praise jesus, etc.

  21. First - Princess Leah is correct. Both she and I did in fact make our worldly entrances this month.
    I, for one, am glad to no longer be living in the land of final exams during my birthday celebration.

    I also would agree with Mrs G&T - Heaven Knows, we don't need to see any of the G&T'ers that I've known, naked or in any stage of undress.... Some of the females,however, are open to discussion...

    A very very happy birthday to Mrs G&T!


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