Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Something to Say

So, I have something to say, I'm just not sure what it is yet. See, we've been watching Mad Men on DVD, and, as those of you who have seen it know, it provokes certain thoughts and gives you more than enough to chew on. Many things, actually.

I'm just not sure what I necessarily need to say.

So, I will sit and think on it tomorrow. It appears I will have plenty of time for that, as the next blustery blizzard is set to roll in any minute now. (And I'd rather rub a hot cheese grader over my tiny pink nipples than take another goddamned Trimet bus in to downtown...)

In the mean time, though, I will say this: Today is December 17.

December 17 is 12 days before my birthday. It is just three days before my daughter's birthday! But most significantly, it is Wednesday! And Wednesdays kick ass!! Woooo!!! Let's give a big G-and-T Lounge shout out to Wednesday!! Yeeeee haaaaaw!!


That's not what you were expecting?

I'm forgetting something?

Oh, ya, well, it's also Mrs. G-and-T's birthday, I suppose. Is that what you were thinking?

Oh, alright...

Happy Birthday to Mrs. G-and-T!
You're not as old as Dr. B, but you're still older than me!


  1. other5:31 AM

    Happy Birthday Mrs G-and-T!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Have you found your spot in the maze?

  3. Oosje7:07 AM

    Happy Birthday Mrs. G&T. I remember the day well. Whoa...I'm getting a little weepy thinking about it. (and that's not a Lounge thing to do!)

    What a gift you are.

  4. Wellcome to 38. Have a seat, I'll get ya some coffee and a ibuprofen.

  5. auntie bsu12:17 PM

    Happy Birthday Mrs. G&T! I love you!

  6. Happy Birthday Mrs. G&T, albeit a day late (I was stuck at home in the snow yesterday and movies transfixed me all day instead of the computer). See ya for the girl's bday party Saturday. My girlie can't wait....


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