Thursday, December 18, 2008

Silly Me

Oh dear me!

Too many words.

I lost sight of the intellectual capacity of my readers.

Here you go, this should be more your speed...


  1. Lucky Red6:20 AM

    Jesus looks possessed... or perhaps just upset that he's in violation of how the flag should be displayed...isn't the fact he's wearing the flag like one of them Arab-towel people gonna piss off his followers? Somebody get Jesus a beer...

  2. Jesus is there to make you feel better after all the other pictures make you feel bad... or good.

  3. I feel like I just watched the movie "Idiocracy" Well done!

  4. Much much better. I don't have to think so hard. After all these snow days and drinking much more my speed. And Lucky Red you are up way too early! Those attorneys you work for must be slave drivers! My favorite is the pregnant man in overalls!

  5. point of clarification12:15 AM

    Right, Red's boss can be a bit demanding, but has a great sense of style...

  6. Idiocracy great movie - where Mad Men is crap and don't get me wrong I really WANTED to love it.


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