Monday, December 22, 2008


Welcome to winter! Today was officially the shortest day of the year. I mean, it still had 24 hours, but well, you know...


Winter, you may have heard, has arrived in Oregon, and most of the west coast, with a score to settle. Apparently, we've been getting off too easy for too long, and Winter has come to make us its bitches.

12 inches of snow, now, over frozen ground, topped with a 1-inch thick shell of top-ice, fun for stomping on, but not good for driving. Then, for added insult, we received another six inches of snow today on top of the ice shell.

Mind you, I have yet to start my Christmas shopping.

So, with limited entertainment options, and with a dazzling landscape at my disposal, I took a walk with my camera...

And yes, there are only about two of you who care about this stuff, but that's about all of my remaining readers anyway. If you are interested, I'd suggest clicking on the photos to view larger images with better detail.


  1. Oosje3:13 AM

    I really like the light at the end of the tunnel shot. (I must be one of the two.)

    We are catching up with you with a fresh layer of 12 inches. Finally, a ski resort gets some snow.

  2. Lucky Red7:58 AM

    I have camera/lens envy- nice shots...

  3. I would love those photos if I wasn't seeing the same thing whenever I look out the window.

  4. Yes. I have the same here! I've lived in Oregon for 32 years. Never seen anything like this. Looks like girlie is getting the white Christmas she asked for though now she's concerned how Santa will get here. I've assured her he has special powers. (Good thing the American Dream Girl Doll has already arrived)!can you tell I'm bored?

  5. I blame global warming

  6. Sarah Palin12:51 PM

    It's not global warming, it is Alaska sharing it's coolness with the rest of the country!


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