Monday, December 22, 2008

The Feel of Food

It is dark and cold, and i am drinking scotch.

Good scotch.


Problem is, this sinus thing I've been fighting has left me with out smell, and thus, without taste.

I can feel the vapors of the scotch on my nose, but I cannot smell them. it warms my mouth and stings the back of my throat, but I cannot taste it. Still though, the physical sensations are pleasurable in a familiar way.

Lasagna tonight was hot and meaty. The cheese was stretchy and gooey. It was pleasurable to bite and chew through the varied layers. Yet, i could not taste any of it.

It is frustrating, yes, but only causes me to work that much harder, paying attention to the non-flavor qualities of food.

What I have found is, spaghetti is terribly boring, in terms of texture, while a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a delight. Who Knew??

I may go blow my nose now. Sometimes that offers a hint of a whiff. I hope there's something...


  1. Oosje9:11 AM

    Chocolate...the texture (of good chocolate) is smooth, creamy, soft. You don't even have to taste it to have a sensual experience. Go ahead.Try it.

  2. I would think with your job not being able to taste what was in your mouth would be as useful as overcoming your gag reflex.


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