Saturday, December 06, 2008


I am not a fan of western movies, per se, but I have come to the understanding that two of my top five movies fall into that genre.

Still, and likely for a long time to come, the #1 movie on my list is The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Fluid morality. Dynamic alliances, and the greatest Mexican stand-off ever filmed... I can forgive its flaws to worship its grit. This is my favorite movie

Number two must be, for completely opposite reasons, O Brother Where Art Thou. Erudite, deceptively simple, coursing with wit and charm. This movie can be digested layer upon layer upon layer...

Pulp Fiction is number three. Roger Ebert will argue, while not the best, this is perhaps the perfect movie. And I agree. Every protagonist is loathsome. Every antagonist is redeemable, and it is not necessarily possible to tell one from the other. Non-linear storytelling executed with not-traditional script writing. This movie entertains and provokes with every viewing.

Number four is up for grabs. I think it may be the near-perfect Shaw Shank Redemption. It may be the achingly-beautiful Chinese nationalist Kung Fu saga, Hero. It may be Kurosawa's King Leer, Ran. What I do know is, it is certainly no longer Star Wars.

And number five has been a malingerer for some time. It has woven itself in and out. It is an amalgam of re-tread cliches. It was a re-imagining and re-awakening of a long-since-out-of-style genre. Clearly, however, as imperfect as it was, Silverado is unquestionably number 5 in my top five movies of all time.

What about you? You like movies don't you?


  1. Mr eleven10:02 AM

    I agree, Silverado is a great movie and was may favorite western until Tombstone. Here's how my top 5 shake down today.

    #5 Shaw Shank Redemption
    #4 Heat (Deniro/Pacino)
    #3 Tombstone
    #2 Pulp Fiction
    #1 True Romance

  2. #1 Pulp Fiction

    #2 O Brother Where Art Thou

    #3 What Happens in Vegas

    #4 Wanted

    #5 Tombstone

  3. I'm your huckleberry...

  4. The Real Mr. G & T3:09 PM

    #5 Back Door Babes - Vol. 22
    #4 Fisting Fury
    #3 Cum-a-Lot: The True Story of Excalibur
    #2 Ron Jeremy: Show Me the Money!

    And # 1 of Course -

    Hungry Bitches - The Extended Directors Cut

  5. Narrow it down to 5 and it must include a western? Pick a decade or a genre next time. OK, i'll try.

    #5 Blue Velvet
    #4 Forrest Gump
    #3 unforgiven
    #2 Fight club
    #1 Swingers


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