Sunday, December 14, 2008

2008 Gin and Tonic Lounge MAN OF THE YEAR

The Lounge has not actually named a "Man (or Person) of the Year" before. I guess I never really thought anyone deserved it. However, this year, there is clearly one man who deserves the honor.


No. We've gone on enough about the President Elect.

McCain? Hillary? Cheney?

I wouldn't waste your time with such nonsense.

No, I didn't know who the Man of the Year would be, or even that there would be one, until today. This afternoon, actually.

There are, by most estimates, approximately 6,700,000,000 people in the world, most of whome hate George W. Bush. And yet, no one, not one single human being has taken a shot at that treasonous asshat douchebag.

Not until today.

For some reason, George (lame duck) Bush decided to hold a press conference in, of all places, Baghdad this afternoon.

No, seriously, the one place on Earth that most represents his failure and crimes against the American public, the Constitution and the world...

Sure, he hasn't held a press conference in the US in years, and he decided to hold one in Iraq.

Well, anyway, while there, surrounded by international press and scores of secret service agents, one lone man was able to do what so many of us have wanted to do for so long. One lone Iraqi, desperate with frustration and anger, stood in the crowed and threw, not one, but two size-10 shoes at the quick-dodging cock-sucker-in-chief.

And for that, the 2008 Gin and Tonic Lounge MAN OF THE YEAR award goes to Muntazer al-Zaidi.

I swear to God, the UN should give this man a medal.

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  1. You could send him a Lounge calendar as a show of appreciation from all of us . . .


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