Sunday, December 14, 2008


By Oregon standards, it was one of the better snow falls in recent memory. We were able to sneak out and see Santa Claus before it got too thick.

Hot chocolate, sledding and snowballs. It was a good day all around.

Now, pat my back and tell me how cute my kids are.


  1. Lucky Red7:25 AM

    Your children are really damn cute.
    Now for the commentary:
    Why was the guy from LA teaching the kids how to make a snowman? You have to roll the small balls in the snow to make them grow ever bigger and more... wait. This is going to be turned into something dirty when it was a sweet and childlike post... nevermind.
    I'm just impressed you all own a toboggan - but is it made of wood? Did you wax it first? Wait. Don't answer that.
    Good stuff. Nice shots. Perfect kids. Made me homesick for Canada.
    Merry Christmas, a bit early.

  2. Oosje9:00 AM

    Yup! Your kids are cute!

  3. suspiciously cute. where did you purchase them?

  4. Satan's toboggan doesn't seem to be living up to its numerical assignment.

  5. They're adorable! However Mrs. G&T deserves some pats too, she had just as much to do with their cuteness.

  6. Well, Fred, Satan' toboggan made the girl cry once and may have bruised my toes, so who knows...

    And Familytrain and Marge, truth is, they were a two-fer at Costco.

    Red, I concede my snowman retardation.


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