Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am on the bus. What started as a charming winter adventure has
quickly devolved into a siberian gulag caravan.

With all of the delays detours waiting and standing around, I cannot
imagine how many man hours are lost to public trans every day.

The government should scrap busses altogether and just buy everyone an

Ok I just looked at the clock. I have been on this little adventure
for an hour and fifteen minutes. I am only now leaving Oregon city.
That is like three miles from my house.

TriMet's stupid fucking incompetence is hateful.



  1. I bribed the bus driver to make your day hell. It was worth the $3.75

  2. Have you made it yet?

  3. He's gonna be on that bus all day long! Enjoy your site seeing tour!

  4. Wait a second...You mean something government run is inefficient and poorly managed?

    Wow, I am in complete shock. I can't wait until they control the health care system. Good thing I can get my own drugs.

  5. Trimet is a quasi-governmental semi-public entity, run by a bunch of hippies.

    I blame the hippies.

  6. You should have parked one of your cars at the bottom of the hill.

  7. I like Fred's logic. You'd think as an attorney Mr. G&T would have more sense, but apparently not.

  8. Logic and practicing law in Oregon...oxymoron waiting to happen.

    By the way, Brian is a missed haircut and shower away from being a hippie.

  9. Anonymous4:49 PM

    How about the idea that Brian is a dumbass for living in the burbs. He says he lives in Portland, but he really doesn't. I think he is a bit afraid of city life, since being "scarred" by the burbs of southern California. One of the aspects of "public" transit is that it works for the general public - not just the soft suburb folks who would just prefer the whole globe be paved and covered with mini-malls, TGI Friday's, Costco's and Best Buy's. So, expecting an Express bus from your office door to your home is perhaps a bit much.

    Or, it could be that the busses are slow.

  10. Don't you dare complain about public transportation until you've spent some time in Philadelphia.

    And I hear you, b.s.: thank goodness that private firms are in charge of building infrastructure in Iraq! No waste, corruption or ineptitude there!
    oh, yeah, and deregulated utilities sure worked out swell for California.

    Oh, oh, and no government oversight on financial institutions means wealth and prosperity for all Americans! Hurray!

    Ha ha ha! Everything is super neat! I have a cat and she says, "meow".

    And, um, I was going like *this* and then I hit my head on the door sill.

  11. Corruption, waste and buses...

    Why dont we just blame George Bush? Or how about the SEC chairman? Gray Davis or Arnold?

    How about the legislators that put pressure on the financial institutions to give out risky loans to people who were not qualified? How about the United auto workers union who has promised everything to retirees so that the car companies can't make a profit and put out a decent product? How about our national immigration policies...

    Ya, its all one big mess. I like beer.


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