Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I hated iTunes before I got the iPhone. I hate iTunes even more now. It has wonky handling, an ugly clunky human-interface and it is bogged down and slow as hell. Since loading it onto my machine, it has slowed my whole system down.

Still, I need it, and right now it is converting a (backed up) copy of my music library into whatever crappy Apple files that it and only it can read.

And, it is taking for fucking ever. EVER! It's been chugging out the conversion for three hours now, and it will probably take another 8. Why? Why can't iTunes just read and play the music files I already have?? Why can't it just play nice?

Sure the iPhone is fabulous, and probably worth the effort. But seriously, iTunes is a jizz-guzzling shitty fucking sub-par user-unfriendly bucket of bloody vomit that has soured me on ever buying into any other ass-sucking Apple product ever.


Seriously. I'm on the verge of jihad. Apple must die.

And don't get me started that craptacular iTunes store... Really, Apple should hire someone from Microsoft to teach them about navigation, searchability an accessibility. Jesus Christ...

Long Live Bill Gates.


  1. It's 8:00 in the morning.

    It's still working on the conversion...

  2. still viruses with Apple. Might come in handy with all that questionable web surfing that you do.

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  4. It's not necessarily a testament to Apple's great security that there are few Mac viruses out there. When the majority of your intended targets uses Windows, which OS are you going to spend time writing viruses for?

    Not to mention that it's pretty straightforward to protect your Windows machine.

    Windows definitely has Mac beat in terms of user-friendliness, hands-down.

  5. Here here!!
    Helly has it right - Not too many people are drafting road signs in Esperanto, because no one speaks it. You write viruses for PC because 94% of the world uses PC's.

    What Apple does well is form-design. The ipod/iPhone is sleek, easy to use, physically hard to break - But heaven help you if you don't feel like locking in every sound file you have into their proprietary sound format (which is larger, from a compression standpoint, no more secure from a virus standpoint of hacking standpoint)- Its just lame.

    Which is why all the pretty pictures and music will be done on Macs and all the business in the world, is done on PC's - Example: In order to maintain relevance, Apple crows about its ability to run Windows in parallel - so you can get some work done on your Ibook, while listening to the pretty music...

    I'm just sayin....

  6. Anonymous10:46 AM

    You would have the same issue if you converted from iTunes (AAC) to Windows Media Player (WMA). Had you ripped all your music in an agnostic mp3 format originally you would be on your way by now. Really, blame Microsoft for encoding your media in the first place (or perhaps blame yourself).

    I've heard that the conversion process can hang on large libraries. I doubt it would get hung up on importing your collection of just 10 Dave Matthews CD's, but it is possible.

    Could be the dreaded EBKAC problem.

  7. Good point anonymous! Maybe the conversion slows down when you own bad music...

  8. Not sure whay anyone would own 10 Dave Matthews CD's anyway!

  9. it's not so much the Dave matthews as much as it is the 24 volume Celine Dion collection

  10. I happen LOVE apples!

  11. Update:

    After 20 hours, the conversion is complete. iTunes, however, is only able to find about 1/3 of the available cover art. Better still, it has broken all of my albums appart and sorted everything by individual performers. So, for instance, if Dave Jones made a guest appearance with the Band, then that song is listed sperately from the rest of the album as its own individual album. And yes, that is true even if I sort by "album."

    That is fucking retarded.

    Fuck Apple. What the fuck is the point of an iPhone if the iPod function and supporting software are entirely fucking worthless??

  12. She had to eat the apple, couldn't be happy with a damn strawberry!

  13. Call Tom - he's an ITunes expert. He'll help you get everything sorted properly. :)

  14. I admit my MacBook Pro is a kick ass laptop. i just wish it was Windows Native...

    Actually I would be happy with a right click mouse button to accommodate XP Pro...


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