Friday, December 05, 2008

March 1970

There is something about March. Perhaps it is the spirit of spring, the thawing of Winter's chill...

Maybe it was the end of the TV season when perpetual boredom set in. Whatever the reason, there seems to have been a whole lot of unprotected sex going on in March in the late 60s and early 70s. I know this because many of my friends, myself included, were born in December.

Today, December 5, is regular-reader Mitch's birthday, the first of many coming up.

So, Happy Birthday to Mitch!

Yom Huledet Same'ach!


  1. So that's how I got a December 26th baby. It was March.

    Happy Birthday Mitch

  2. I heard you wanted a little cambodian boy for your birthday? You sick puppy.

  3. Happy Birthday Mitch

  4. Happy, Happy birthday Mitch. Does this mean you are older (and wiser) than Mr G&T?

  5. Thank you very much to all faithful Lounge Readers for your good wishes.

    I may be older than Mr. G&T - I suppose only time will tell if I am any wiser...

  6. Yes, I'm Always Horny in March!

    Happy Birthday Mitch! Do you need your B-day spankings? Cause I'm sure Mr G&T has been waiting all year to give them to you! ;)LOL

  7. All the fighting must lead to romping. Tis rutting season in March


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