Monday, August 07, 2006

August 8

Happy Birthday to Tom, 35 years old today. Remember, hair loss after this date is no longer considered "premature."

Happy birthday also to my mother-in-law. Same thing goes about the hair...

Remember, we're only 5 days away from the Lounge's one-year anniversary and the first annual Ginny Awards. So, dig back into those archives and find your favorites!

So far, Vanilla, Daisy, and the River Disaster have taken the lead for favorite post. However, Tom brought up my favorite things...

Dr. Brian and anonymous are edging ahead as favorite commentators.

And of course, Princess Leah is, well, do I even need to say it?? Although, Leah is not necessarily a given for the final category. Inog's name has surfaced, as has Abestis. And those of you who hide behind various forms of anonymous, don't feel too safe.

Here are those five categories once more:

1. Best G&T Lounge Post
2. Worst G&T Lounge Post
3. Best Comment
4. Favorite Commentator
5. Most Hated Commentator


  1. Again the fact that I'm the first to respond to this post only means one thing - no one likes Tom.

    Well there you go Tom - Happy B-day! Don't kill yourself!

    Cheers! I'm getting a phabs smear to celebrate!

    Yeah for my vagina!

  2. amanda11:40 AM

    One of the many things that could be improved about this blog is the spelling. The commentators hide behind the name "anonymous," as opposed to your statement that they hide behind the name "annonymous." Oy! Oh...I almost got into a bar fight this past weekend. I wonder if it has anything to do with my need to get into semantics arguments?

  3. I failed to run teh old spell check last night. I think I'll do that now.

  4. I know who I am voting for on most obnoxious commentator....

  5. Tom's a dick. I vote him for worst commentator.

  6. since I don't have a chance at winning any of these catagories


  7. I may have to make a special Margus category

  8. amanda12:24 PM

    Mitch, do you want to take this outside? It'll be a motherf'ing bar bris up in here.

  9. Oh ya, I forgot, Amanda thinks she's Jewish.

  10. Amanda...
    Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean that people aren't really against you. BUT, in this case, I'm afraid that my nomination for most obnoxious commentator must go to someone other then you.

    But, I'm always up for a good bris. a good brisket... Sorry. Entirely different issue.

  11. Its funny how ev mentions her vagina and Tom in the same post. Hmmmm. Im voting for "the hoff" for all categories. Knight Rider and Mac and cheese are still my 2 favorite things. With the exception of masturbating to the Lounge posts.

  12. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Dr. Brian is a fag. Vote for me!!

  13. BS - did you notice Tom mentioned "dick"........hmmmmmm

  14. Lewis Keseberg4:20 PM

    Hey margus, you gonna eat that?

  15. amanda4:54 PM

    I just needed some attention, Mitch. Thanks for giving it to me. Mainly I just wanted to saying "mother f'ing bar bris" on the blog. Brian, I make a mean rugelach and a delicious challah, I still feel a shit ton of guilt, and I'm neurotic. That evidence along with the Hebes in my family does indeed make me think I'm Jewish.

  16. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Seriously, though, some of the better ones (worth reading again or for the first time for you newcomers)

    - Untitled (mandarin oranges and mini-Coors)
    - Untitled (Coke Zero)
    - Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made
    - Two Gallons of Mayonaise and a Chainsaw
    - Happy Birthday Brian (for the articles, of course).

    This place went down hill after that.

  17. There should be a special award for mrs. G&T for not only marrying Brian but also having his child. Talk about amazing. Keep her drugged up dude so she doesnt realize what she has done.

  18. Funny how that statement comes from the man with the beautiful wife AND the access to sedatory drugs....

  19. As long as I have enough mustard Lewis.

  20. Lisa, I always chase my vicoden with an newcastle, or fat tire. How about you?


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