Wednesday, August 30, 2006


My new wall clock sets itself to the atomic clock at fort collins. It also tells the temperature both inside my office and outside. I will never be late for court again, and i'll know whether to wear a coat.


  1. Does it remind you to put pants on?

  2. We can tell many things about Bri based on this post.

    1) He is WAY too bored at work if he's taking pictures of his clock at 2:17 in the afternoon. (Nevermind that I'm reading his blog at work at 2:34 in the afternoon)

    2) He's too dumb to look out the window that is an entire WALL of his office to see what the weather is like.

    3) He hasn't learned to dress himself yet.

    4) He's assuming that if he knows the correct time, that somehow he'll manage to get himself to court on time.

    5) He further assumes that just because he makes it to court on time, the judge won't hold him in contempt for being a dumbass.

  3. Anonymous3:12 PM

    I think I was wrong when I send the blog was becoming cockcentric. I think its actually becoming pantlesscentric.

    Did Brian take off his pants a lot while he was down visiting?

  4. Brian ALWAYS takes his pants off alot.

  5. So, I post about my clock, and we're talking about my pants??

    That's "CLOCK" people... With an "L!!"

  6. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Cock. Clock. Will the next post be about a wok? Mohawk? Cakewalk? Headlock? Roadblock? Shock?

  7. Yes anonymous,
    We actually had a date and Bri put his hand on my leg. I got to order the wine so I guess that makes me the pitcher. We hooked up with Tom later in the evening and Brian tried man love with him too.


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