Saturday, August 26, 2006

Multimedia message

Pork butt makes people smile


  1. Tonight was a bit of a grilling failure at chez carl.

    Bourbon grilled salmon did not come out well.

    Hope yours did better.

  2. I hope Mrs. G&T provides us with the pic of you pantless passed out on the bathroom tile.

    And Lisa - how much do I owe you? Remind me never to place odds on an old white boy. When will I learn.

  3. Inog, I've eaten some of your failures. They're still better than most successes.

  4. No.. this one was really bad... With an 8 pound Coho, and five people, about half of it was left over.

  5. Inog, it didn't suck that bad. When washed down with several iced PBRs it was actually rather pleasant. The grilled corn was very yummy.


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