Wednesday, August 16, 2006

And the Award Goes To...

The best ones write themselves. Of course, I have to wiggle my fingers over the keyboard to make them visible, but really, it seems that I'm just taking dictation from the muse.

I suppose it goes in cycles. Some months are better than others. January was pretty good. April was, perhaps, the high point.

So, I've pulled what I think are the 16 top posts, at least in my mind. These are the shiny examples of just how fantastic I truly am.

Hurray for me!

16. Open Letter to Fat Guy at Albertsons

15. Such Stuff as Dreams are Made

14. Ramhorn

13. Ode to Cheddar

12. Two Gallons of Mayonnaise and a Chainsaw

11. Soon her Mama with a Gleaming Gloat Heard

10. Cock Gobbler (by request)

9. The Mysteries of the Force

8. Peat Moss

7. Mandarin Oranges

6. Current Events

5. Vanilla

4. Ballet of the Fire Dancers

3. Blueberry Waffles

2. Tinsel Hat

And number one is, obviously:

1. The Legend of Daisy


  1. Oh, in case none of y'all caught it the first time, Hurray For Me!!

  2. How many times did you have to stop and rub one out writing this post?

  3. the missing arm9:24 AM

    And to think it was all because I was never fully formed.

  4. the second bellybutton9:45 AM

    Don't I get some credit here?

  5. the missing tooth10:56 AM

    Its just like that damn beak to take all the credit.

  6. Would all you goddamn perverts please just go away. I have retired from dancing. I have found Jesus. I am working to get on American Idol. I suppose I could use Dr. Brian's help with the missing tooth, but otherwise, leave me the hell alone!

  7. I can help you, baby...

  8. I get all the Daisy jokes. I missed whole huge chunks of the blog with the birth of the baby and her ensuing illnesses. I know ya'll missed me too. Sadly, no one emailed me to wonder how I was or when I'd be back..... Sigh.

  9. Anonymous2:46 PM

    We were enjoying your absence too much to be bothered.

  10. Its SAD that even with a nice post about an epic strip club quest, and a stripper with one arm, Leah STILL feels compelled to somehow work in a mention of her pregnancy....

  11. Daisy, I will see you for an after hours appointment. All you will feel is a little prick in your mouth.

  12. I'm not sure I'd advertize "little"....

  13. amanda11:05 PM

    You wouldn't.


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