Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"I Feel Like I'm the Only One Here Who Hasn't Tasted A Stripper" -Anonymous

Jesus you people have a lot to say. 7 pages of notes worth, to be specific. Well, it's now late, so let's get to it.

While reviewing the many various comments for this award, I noticed that a few names popped up regularly.

Carl, for instance, wrote:

"As for Chinese food, I like to go to China." (11/15/05)

"Shit! You want to go off on fucking pop culture? I AM GOD DAMN POP CULTURE! Christ. I got to stop reading this blog. There has to be a better way to affirm my superiority than to wade through this tripe." (11/14/05)

Margus wrote:

"Fuck Chef Tony!" (12/6/05)

"At least it's not as bad as the commercial with the giant whopper that falls from the sky, and that guy starts mouthing it - fucking gross." (1/31/06)

"Is that the Nathan. The 50 level dungeon master Lord Nathaniel Swordhand the Savior?" (2/5/06)

"After reading that the only thing I can think of right now is getting punched in the balls by a blonde with big tits." (6/23/06)

Tom has made many clever remarks as well, almost too many to list:

"If God owned every DVD he would have quite a porn collection. Would Jesus watch Ass Candy volume 7?" (9/4/05)

"Isn't meat boat just another name for vagina?" (1/29/06)

"A quick recap of Brian's post: I'm smart. I read very well. I am fairly certain I am smarter than almost everyone else. I'm probably smarter than you. Let's all talk about how smart I am. Thank the lord Jesus that I am smart. In case you were wondering, I am a highly intelligent and evolved individual. Something or other about India. " (2/21/06)

"Please Jesus, let him be on hiatus again." (5/31/06)

Abestis said:

"You are morally bankrupt. Strike that...too strong. How about, your morality is...fluid? Ambiguous? Let's put it another way, if you were playing D&D, your character would probably be a thief, rogue or at best a ranger whose allignment hovered around true neutral. On a good day, neutral good." (1/17/06)

"Why is a woman like KFC? Because after that succulent breast and tender thighs all you're left with is a greasy box to put your bone in." (9/26/05)

Deuce has posted:

"Yes, Tom discovered the Smiths. Drove down Workman Ave, found 'em right there with a big ol' wall on the lawn. Then he discovered Poland." (1/18/06) (That makes sense only to a couple of people)

"Zombie President Fighting Challenge. I'm really glad we haven't lost our touch." (2/19/06)

There were many good posts by the various anonymouses; most of all, the many many posts attacking Leah. I mean really, there's a gift that never stops giving. Of course, Anonymous got the spotlight yesterday...

Sometimes certain threads caught fire as a whole, such as the comments for Current Events, The Caption Contest, or My Hiatus.

However, there can be only one Best Comment.

So, the award for Best Comment of the Year goes to our very own elfin dentist, Dr. Brian. Let's take a quick peek at some of his handiwork:

"When I know Im going to be playing strip poker I break out the Elephant or Aardvark G-string. I like to give everyone at the table a little hint of what they are in for before we deal. For some reason I never loose." (2/9/06)

"Medieval times is always fun, if Carl is into Jousting." (3/26/06)

And now, the Ginny Award for the best comment of the year goes to Dr. Brian for this little ditty from January 17, 2006:

"I also still find you bumptuous on occasion, and not surprised that you used food and alcohol to attract women. Next time try a coach purse party. My response to your question would be the entire series of Twin Peaks. I like the fact that weird men can actually be surrounded by hot women. I still masturbate to that show. Would that statement keep me off your jury?"

Thanks to everyone. Keep posting Comments! And tune in tomorrow for my WORST Blog post of the year!


  1. I still think David's comment about Tom discovering the Smith's was better. However, thanks, winning this award is right up there with passing the board exam,touching Paige's left one, and the birth of my child. I will cherish it always like the rash Brian gave me in 1988.

  2. amanda10:38 AM

    Where was the rash located?

  3. on Paige's left one

  4. Paige's right one11:47 AM

    You never loved me

  5. Is it just me - I kinda think it would have been funnier if paige's right one said - "Do you have a sister?"

    Congrats BS! That's some prime funny right there!

  6. Beefcake got the best frying pan as a christmas gift from a couple of his friends. They bought it from Chef Tony.

    It's a pretty good frying pan.

    I still like my cast iron. KO 100% of the time on contact.

  7. You know, Paige became a stripper.

  8. the rash4:47 PM

    I seem to remember traveling from Brian to Brian via Amy Scruggs left one too.

  9. elkie5:01 PM

    What a whore!

  10. the rash cream5:17 PM

    That rash caused a shortage of fungal cream across the entire west coast.

  11. I have a funny feeling there is going to be a very fine line between this and the next post.


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