Monday, November 14, 2005

Solsbury Hill

My wife is well trained. Although she is not a fan of Jello, she has come to recognize that the wrong color of wobbly gelatin desert in a buffet line will certainly lead to my utter dismay. Truly, there are right colors and there are wrong ones. Green, for instance, and red are most clearly the right colors for Jello. Whereas, blue, pink, and yellow are not.

I suppose the rule holds true for most things. Black and brown are the right colors for men's shoes and beer. Red is a good color for flags and...

Oh nevermind...

Hey, I heard that the WB is planning a TV series based on Aquaman. I always felt that Aquaman was the crapiest of the Superfriends, but had the coolest set of Underoos.

I'm going to bed.


  1. Are they going to get Patrick Duffy to play Aquaman like they did in the 70's? Or maybe just Aquaman's dad or something.

    Gotta have that throwback hook in there, and face it, Patrick needs the work.

  2. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Bath Tub + Lime Jello = Naughty Fun

  3. But what does Patrick Duffy + Lime Jello + bath tub = ??

  4. An After School Special: Just say no to slimey old men.

  5. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Patrick Duffy was not Aquaman. He was the Man from Atlantis. Get your pop culture reference right please.

  6. Dear IHOP eating Anonymous Dumbass,

    Aquaman was from fucking Atlantis.

    The Man from fucking Atlantis was the last man from Atlantis therefore Aquaman WAS the fucking Man from Atlantis.

    It’s not my fault that someone failed to negotiate the god damn licensing rights for for another soul-sucking name from either Marvel or D.C.

    Shit! You want to go off on fucking pop culture? I AM GOD DAMN POP CULTURE!

    Christ. I got to stop reading this blog. There has to be a better way to affirm my superiority than to wade through this tripe.

  7. I always suspected that the man form Atlantis was somehow related to Manimal...

  8. Anonymous11:42 AM

    The Man from Atlantis and Aquaman are not the same person. As you point out, the Man from Atlantis was the lone survivor of Atlantis. Aquaman has visited Atlantis and its people which means he isn't the last person from Atlantis.

    And, as much fun as it would be for everyone else if I opted for Carl's style of petty ranting, I'm not going to waste my time.

  9. Oh, I do so enjoy the petty rant, please, please!

  10. that's not much of a rant...

  11. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Give him a break. Carl's just upset about being wrong. Apparently, that has nullified his ability to be a jerk in long form.


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