Thursday, October 05, 2006

Geek Out!!

It was 1978. I was 7 years old, and still under the spell of the Force. I was caught in the tractor beam. I was paralyzed by Darth Vader's death grip.

The powers that be, in television land, were not blind to the phenomenon. Star Wars was still selling tickets, a year after its release. Star Wars toys (including those wiley storm troopers) were flying off the shelf. A Star Wars-like knock off was inevitable.

Fortunately, Glen A. Larson had a big-budget Sci Fi adventure, based oddly enough on Mormonism and vague Greek mythology, already on the hopper. Thus the original clunky clumsy cheesy Battlestar Galactica was born.

I was addicted!

This show came with its own accessory toys as well. Unfortunately, they came in a different scale than the Star Wars toys.

This, however, was only the beginning. In the years that followed, there would be role-playing games, dice-based strategic board games, computer games (both strategic and role-playing), Model United Nations, Political Science club, the Dune series, the Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings, Law School, more Star Wars movies, Magic: the Gathering, squirrel-based websites and numerous blogs.

Don't forget the many many many Star Trek series, movies and books.

Oh, and the X-files: My wife and I had Mulder and Scully cake toppers at our wedding.

So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me, that I have geeked-out completely over the new version of BSG. Only now, it's not so new. Tonight, Friday, 9:00, Sci Fi Channel, the long awaited third season begins. I'll be watching here at home with the missus, and a couple of regular anonymous readers. Down in Salem, Ryan will be watching with Inog and Mrs. Inog. Down in Los Angeles, Mitch will be watching, presumably alone, or perhaps with Mrs. Mitch.

This ain't Star Trek. This ain't Buck Rogers.

Get this video and more at

Due to overwhelming popular demand, I tend to avoid blogging about this show here in the Lounge. Well, OK, mostly it's Dr. Brian who complains, but I'm sensitive to his criticism. Therefore, Abestis and I have created an entirely separate blog called "And they Have a Plan," taken from the catch phrase in the opening credits.

The Plan, for short, has been dormant lo these many months. The show is back on, however, and so is the blog. If you're a fan, come and visit.


  1. Bleh.. consolodate blogs.

    Yeah I will be watching tonight. Ms. Inog watched Pegasus and Resurection Ship I & II last night. She had not seen those.

    I will be watching and cheering for the toasters.

    And dayum. The extended version of Pegasus is much much darker.

  2. much darker indeed

  3. Ryan Cylon Model No. 129:32 AM

    After watching them 3-4 at a sitting, I will struggle with the transition to one per week. I'm not sure I can ween myself. I am a BSGaholic. The withdrawal might kill me. Pray to the One True God for me.

    So say we all of us.

  4. I wonder if they'll put out action figures for the new BSG. Or should they just put out a blow-up Six and call it good?

  5. I would call a blow-up Six "good."

  6. Oh yes... I will be watching all of its SciFi channel goodness. And, unlike the 70's, I can now hide behind "really good writing," or "impressive special effects," etc as excuses for this geeked-out obsession.

    Frankly - its just damn good stuff.

  7. Inflatable anotomically correct No. 6 would be fine.

    Holly watched Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1, where President-Elect Baltar has sex with Pegasus No. 6. She says, "This is not the Battlestar Galactica I remember!"
    This show is for kids.

  8. Correction: This show is NOT for kids.

    BTW the inflatable No. 6 would need to be able to kick your ass after intercourse for the full effect.

  9. The blow-up Six doesn't need to kick the shit out of you. It needs to haunt your every move, question your decisions and motivations, and manipulate you.

  10. I would want an #8. But just so I could have some one to share a good cry with.

  11. Fred's description sounds like some ex-girlfriends...

    Maybe some of them were Cylons...

  12. You guys are dorks!! (just said that to make Brian more sensitive)


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