Friday, October 13, 2006

Karl Rove Finally did Something I Agree With

Please please please let THIS be true!


  1. One the the current splits between the "corporate" republicans and the "religious-right" republicans is over environmental issues. The President of the American Evangelical Association has split with the Bush administration over stewardship of the Enviornment. Dismantaling decades of environmental protection and destroying God's creation is unholy.

  2. Unless you believe the Apocalypse is coming soon and don't see any reason to save the planet.

  3. Believing in an imminent apocalypse does not necessarily equate to religious beliefs. It just means you have a more pragmatic opinion about food additives.

  4. Food additives are our friends. Mine talk to me. Don't yours?

  5. Cathy Ruff11:13 AM

    I sent a prayer request into our church to save your soul.


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