Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Morning: The Greatest Music Video Ever

So, I had an inspired idea for a blog post this weekend. It was one of those perfect-moment ideas. It made perfect sense. It was inspired by one of those deeply-repressed memories, which when sprung, evoked an emotional response.

Unfortunately, one idea led to another, which in turn led to hours and hours of needless googling, and youtubing. (I'm not sure if "youtubing" is a word, but I don't really care much at this point...)

I now have an ungodly assortment of raw material, relating in name only to the original Concept. I still think there is a good idea in there somewhere, but at this point it's all a useless pile of pig shit.

So, now it's late, and I'm tired. My brain is feeling a little bit numb. I may have more energy to attack this problem on Monday. So, for now, here's the greatest music video ever made:


  1. This a real song - wow - i have head this song before and thought it was a jingel to sell auto insurance.....well I learned something new today - THANKS! Sincerely - you may not believe it - but an actual nice comment was left.....does that make that two now in the life of G&T?

  2. That is indeed an incredible video. I saw it awhile back and was left in awe of Chris Walken's genius.

    But of course we ALL know, and it can never be denied, that the best music video ever made is still Thriller.

  3. Christopher Walkin is amazing. And Christopher Walking could sell auto insurance using this video, its that good.

  4. The one on my blog's better..

  5. Now, when I read "greatest music video ever made..." of course, my thoughts immediately went to The Hof. But, you just can't go wrong with Walken.

  6. If you want more of Christopher Walken dancing, rent Pennies from Heaven. Most people don't realize he started out on Broadway as a song and dance man.

    BTW, Thriller sucked.

  7. Sadly, you are far from the first person to employ the gerund, "YouTubing." Of course, novelty is not why we come to this blog.

    Pictures of Christina Ricci. That's why we come to this blog.


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