Saturday, October 28, 2006

Some Say that Life Here Began Out There

Lorne Greene:

Edward James Olmos:


  1. I thought you had a different blog for this kind of crap.

  2. Double-dipping. He said he had a busy week - which means one post, two blogs.

    What can ya do? Quality work is so difficult to find these days.

    Actually, listening to the original BSG, I forgot how similar its mythology is to that of the Stargate franchise.

  3. memo-writing law student7:57 AM

    So I guess I will spend those first days off after finals watching from the beginning.

  4. Stargate is for Nerds.

  5. Awaiting delivery of series 2 - I'm catching up fast

    Don't know when series 3 will start here though..

  6. We get this here and yet there is nothing new on the And They Have a Plan blog. Boys, get your act together. Y


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