Friday, October 27, 2006

Book 'Em Danno


  1. Okay, Brian. No joking here. You can make fun of Hardcastle and McCormick, you can make fun of S.W.A.T. But if you're making fun of Hawaii 5-0, I will seriously kick the living poi out of you. NOBODY DISSES MISTER STEVE McGARRETT IN MY HOUSE! Nobody, GODDAMIT!

  2. Reason #12 why Hawaii 5-0 Kicks Ass: CHIN HO. Little pudgy Asian guy that at a drop of a hat will pull out the automatic weapons. What was with Chin Ho and the automatic weapons??!? "We're going to need to go down to the convent and interview Sister Mary." "Okay Steve, let me break out the automatic weapons." That, my friends is the guy I'm bringing for back-up.

  3. The title of this series is the "Best TV Theme Songs"

    Only the best here... Please don't kick my poi.

  4. Will you please do Knight Rider? I don't remember whether it had a good song or not but damn Hasselhoff is hot.


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