Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bollywood Monday

It's been a busy weekend. My mind is a bit mushy at the moment. It pains me, however, to let you down first thing Monday morning. So, I'll resort once again to the Youtube garden of delight.

Apart from a jug of Gallo and a carton of Cools, there is no better way to start a Monday than a 5-minute Bollywood dance clip. This particular clip comes to us from one of my favorite guilty indulgences, Lagaan. It's a moderately-melodramatic over-the-top underdog tale of peasants, imperialism, triple taxation, and Cricket. Pick up some Indian take-out and pop this puppy into your DVD player.

Yes, I've talked about Lagaan before. Look, I'm a sucker for the swirling colors and dizzying dancing. If you want to know what these fine folks are singing about, rent the movie and watch it with the subtitles. If you are really clever, however, (and I suspect that you are) just watch the clip. I am confident that you will figure it out.

Reading for Comprehension:
1. Ever see Bride and Prejudice? (There's another recommendation)
2. This clip makes me hungry. I may have to go to the Indian buffet on Hawthorne for lunch.
3. I'm going to add an "India" tag just for fun. Whenever I do that, my hits go through the roof...



  1. You have been obsessed with India and Pakistan ever since you first saw My Beautiful Launderette. And I know you are not that much of a Daniel Day-Lewis fan.

    Oh yeah . . . Your wife has asked me to hire one of my third world data shops to peg out your page for hits. She says that it really helps with your depression and that when your hits go down you have “performance issues.”

    They are now using your blog to teach English to programmers in Vietnam. Subjecting them to this, makes me feel like Kissinger.

    I would not plan any trips to SE Asia if I were you.

  2. One can tell with this clip and the tag that you used that you are trying to curry favor with the people of India. I would ask why, but ultimately it's a naan-issue. I say go with whatever pulls your rickshaw, my friend.

    Enjoy your lunch. I'm not a big fan of Indian food, so I think I'm just going to run up to the corner Dehli for a sandwich.

  3. oof, that one hurt...


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