Sunday, October 22, 2006

College Fund

The Monkey is clearly smarter than I am.

Perhaps it is cliche parental pride, but it appears to me that she is aglow with talent and potential. It is, therefore, fair to assume that she will, in all likelihood, earn a full ride to whichever institution of higher learning she eventually wishes to attend.

She'd better, because Mama and Daddy will still be paying on their own mortgage-sized student loans by the time she graduates from high school.

Absent that, she may have to work her way through college, like her dear old dad. Of course while I slung pizzas to pay for tuition, she seems to possess more lucrative talents:

Yes, I am in fact going to hell...


  1. I see you have passed the same skills to your own daughter that you gave to mine so many years ago.

    Though as I recall, if your daughter ended up working as a stripper to make her way through college, she is likely to be employed in a much more moral fashion than you were. Dancing naked for dollars would be a step up from the “punching down the dough” games you played at Pizza Hut.

    Yes I know, did it all just to get through college.

    But you were a tad eager.

  2. There is still hope for you - not much - but some.

  3. You are just wrong on so many levels...

    Cute pics though

  4. Wow. Carl paid for your college education just because you were punching down his dough?

  5. I will refrain from commenting on this one, but it does bring an oingo boingo song to mind....

  6. I attribute it to the rain or something.. that is so profoundly wrong..
    Not stripping, mind you, which I whileheartedly approve of.
    The photos of your own daughter. What, are you living in Coos Bay or something?!

  7. Mrs. G&T4:09 PM

    Would it make you feel better or worse to know Brian is not responsible for the photos? They were taken by the Monkey's grandmother, at the home of her great-grandparents.

  8. Monkey's great grand-parents have a pole in their garden?

    Thats kinda wrong, but cool..

  9. Brian's Great-grandmother is a CRAZY lover with exceptional stripper talents. She can swing around the pole like a 20 year old gymnast.

    Great grandpa likes to watch.

  10. Just make sure she keeps away from farm equipment, great-white sharks, Hattori Hanzo swords and anything else that could cause the loss of a limb.

  11. Wow - Tom's daughter has so much to learn.... Are you sure Dr. Bri didn't take the pictures?

  12. LMAO! I am a sick individual because I found this post to be the pinnacle of good wit.


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