Saturday, October 21, 2006

Portland Oregon

This is a little video tour around the city I call home. Well, OK, I actually live in the burbs to the South, but I work there!

It kinda peters-out toward the end, but you get the point...


  1. There is a noticable lack of beer drinking.

  2. Obviously, I didn't make the video myself. Otherwise there'd be more strippers and beer.

  3. Olympia11:44 AM

    I'm trapped in the middle between two great cities -- Portland and Seattle. I can't handle this kind of competition.

  4. You live in one helluva beautiful city. It makes me yearn to get out of podunkville.

    I really like the music. Who is it??

  5. Its a great city. Certainly worth moving to.

    The song is Portland, Oregon by Loretta Lynn with Jack White.

  6. I was wondering what the "Salem" video would look like. I am not sure, but I know it would not be as long.

  7. I liked the duck

  8. My favorite part was the Loretta Lynn song about alcoholics in Oregon. But the duck was a close second.

    This video could have been done as a pub crawl where the camera man got more and more intoxicated as the video progressed until he passed out in his own vomit on Front Street.

    I just bought the song Portland, Oregon. Now going out to get slow gin phiz not by the glass by the pitcher. Hey bartender, one more drink and a pitcher to go.


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