Monday, October 23, 2006



One of the few bright spots on an otherwise dismal television horizon has been Studio 60. Aaron Sorkin of West Wing fame is a coke-headed savant, capable of turning out volume after volume of muse-infused genius-level scripting.

Studio 60 has been, in its 4 short weeks, a second coming of both West Wing and Sports Night, a mass media messiah to save the literate masses from the eternal damnation of mediocre drivel.

And tonight was no exception. Amid the delicate backdrop of a crisis of conscience concerning appropriate role models for minority youth, an anonymous elder wanders the halls looking for signs of his former youth gone-by. Interweaving plots and dialogues set the scene.

The old man was a writer on a long-gone show in the studio. He had been blacklisted in the McCarthy era, and was searching for some sign of his pre-dementia days.

The actor playing the man was familiar, but it took several moments to lock in his identity. Eli Wallach it was. Much greyer and much reduced from his performance of Tuco, the Ugly, some 40 years ago.

I was gleeful to see such an actor reappear, and be filled with the words of a witty writer, such as Sorkin. Good episode. Good show.


What the fuck is wrong with the Japanese?? I mean, holy hell.

I have see a lot of depravity in my lifetime. I make a living in which I expect people to lie to me every single goddamn day.

I have also seen enough sensual debauchery for any one person to see, live, taped, or on the internet. I thought I knew of all of the various and sundry acts of degradation. I have seen the foot fetishists, the furries, the vampires, the pony girls, scat freaks, vomitoriums, public and private humiliation, waifs, MILFS, and everything in between. BUT GOOD GOD! Those godforsaken Japanese!!!

Well, here it is. Here is the biggest new thing from the land of Godzilla:

Nose Abuse.


  1. I went to school in the 9th and 10th grade with a guy named Tuco. His parents were western fans. I think they got confused about which one was ugly.

    As for the Japanese... I'll ask them tomarrow... in japan.

  2. Don't let them near your nose

  3. the nose9:53 AM

    I've been a neglected errogenous zone for long enough. Don't I deserve some attention? Why do the other orifices have all the fun?

  4. BAD NEWS FOR BRIAN: NBC is replacing Studio 60 with a cheap game show. The reason, they can air 7 game shows for the price of one Studio 60. I heard it on the radio this morning. I'm not joking.

    NOSE: I knew Brian surfed porn alot, I just didn't know how badly he was addicted until he found this Japanese Nose Porn. Brian you can get help. Its not the Japanese with the problem. Its you.

  5. Television executives should be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

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  7. The Japanese live in a society where the desires of the individual are placed behind the desires of the group. They also expect absolute perfect in anything they do. This makes a ripe breeding ground for debauchery, the likes of which we could never imagine for ourselves... lol

    It's kind of like the wild streak of the preacher's daughter, times several million.

  8. I'm still bemused by the fact that the Japanese sell used schoolgirls' panties in vending machines.

    Studio 60 is good, but the best written and most intelligent show on television is LOST

  9. Rubbish. The greatest single show on television has to be Deal or No Deal, for the sole fact that:

    a. It has made an entire phenomenon out of "Guess Which Hand".
    b. It has made Howie Mandel the savior of evening television.

    That... is power. Not necessarily for good, but that's a semantic, really.

  10. 1. "Howie Mandel" and "savior" should not be found within 25 words of one another, much less modifying one another in the same sentence.

    2. Lost is brilliant. No disputing that. However, on Studio 60, at least we don't have to guess if there really is a show being filmed or whether its all a figment of someone's imagination.

  11. If we are talking all television, the Cobert Report or the Daily Show with John Stewart are tops. Just dramas? then BSG is tops for me. But then, what do I know I hardly watch TV except these three.

  12. Ryan and Aisby are essentially correct.

    For non-fictional shows, Colbert and Stewart rock the house. For fiction - Lost is the best there is, hands down.

    Dave- remember what happened to Regis. Remember.

  13. I secret believe Regis and Letterman have humped.

  14. I might stand alone on this one - but I'm not feeling Studio 60.

    Maybe because I'm just so sad that "Flavor of Love" is almost least the sight of flying midgets last night helped! Lucha............. VaVoom!


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