Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wait, I Don't Get It

I really and truly could not care less. What people, famous of otherwise, do with their personal lives is no concern of mine. If Han Solo wants to get it on with Ally McBeal, that's their business.

What confuses me, though, is Mr. and Mrs. Kutcher. I mean, it was kind of funny at first, like a long-running SNL gag, but I keep waiting for the punch line. "Oh, ha ha, look, Bruce is hanging out with Ashton, oh funny, FUNNY!"

"Wait, all three are going to Rumor's school play together, hee hee!" But still, no punch line. When is Ashton going to jump out and yell, "hey America, Y'all been punk'd??"

Um, but, now they're married. And Bruce went to the wedding. And it was all Kabalistic. And if it really is a joke, then it has just gotten to the point of being sad.

The real horror, though, is the prospect of it NOT being a joke. I mean, Holy Christ! Is it possible that it's not a joke??

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  1. Oh no, Bri. It's a joke. Maybe they're not aware... but it's a joke.


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