Sunday, October 16, 2005


For months now, the missus and I have half-heartedly entertained the possibility of exploiting the howler monkey's charm for our own personal material gain. I mean, we can't go out in public without gobs of mostly-middle-aged women oggling and oogling over her. Why not make the masses pay for the privilege?

Problem is, it's all just so creepy. I mean she is my daughter. If it were a matter of selling the dog's ass on the street corner, there wouldn't be any hesitation, but the baby... well...

So, needless to say, since I'm blogging about it, we're gonna do it. well, sort of. Nothing big. No appearances necessary. A local radio station is holding a cutest-baby-photo contest, and we're going to submit a picture. Problem is, which one? This is where you come in, dear reader. I need you to help me decide which shot is most likely to win Daddy the big-big prizes. I've narrowed the current options down to 8 shots (out of the roughly 3-4,000 pictures we have of her.) Remember, we're looking for cute, and I really want to destroy the competition.








So, that's what we have so far. Please let me know which one you think will best defeat those other unfortunate mutants. We may take a few more this week. Submissions to the contest are due next weekend. Thanks!


  1. hate to encourage the exploitation your daughter's cuteness, but #3 seems cutest to me. Great expression on her face. Good colors. Says fun to me and a winner.

  2. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Yeah - if you like the idea of sicko perverts looking at your half naked daughter - by all means - go for #3. But my best bet would be #1. Just keep in mind if Molly wins using #3 and the family has to go into hiding - you know I'll have to say - I told you so - if I'm fast enough to do it before the FBI moves you to Plano, TX. Yee-Ha!!

  3. You know, there's this site that has a "How Cute am I" section for babies.... I'm just saying.

  4. I vote for number one. Or four. I like four too. Frankly, I think if we breed howler monkey and my motorcycle boy, THEN we'd have the cutest baby on the face of the earth....weed out a few more of your mutant genes that way.

  5. Aunt Carly and Uncle Jason split their remotely-casted votes between 1 & 4.

  6. #4 gets a vote from Wales

  7. amanda5:17 PM

    I for one really like #6. The composition is fantastic (just needs a bit cropped off the left), the coloring is vivid and complementary (red and green -- awesome!), and the strawberry sweater is adorable. However, as a purely "look at my adorable daughter" picture, #4 is probably best.

  8. Tom & Ginger6:24 PM

    we collectively vote for #4. Not just Ginger and I, but all of Southern California.

  9. Definitely #4. The bottles of booze in the background really add to that "I'm cute, and I play..." angle you may be going for.

  10. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Pictures 4 or 6 would be winners.

  11. I may have to photoshop out the booze in #4...

  12. A magnificent effort by all y'all. I'm going to keep blogging, but if you read this entry and wonder whether I'm still reading entries, I am! Or, at least, I will be until Sunday the 23rd. Hey, does anyone know when Daylight Savings ends? It always catches me by surprise

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  14. Well, gosh Bri, you know I'll give you anything you ask for. And from the US Naval Observatory, no less. Heh heh...she said "naval"

  15. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Number 4, definitely number 4... although number 1 is very cute.. no, no number 4. I do like the red sweater and leaves as backdrop, but no.. number 4, then there's the naked baby one, also very cute, chewing and drooling on the bath toy, but no. Number 4. It's a difficult choice with all the cuteness going on, but really.. number 4! It's the booze.

  16. Oosje7:36 AM

    I like 4 the best. The rest are also very cute so I'll put them in order of preferance. 4,3,1,2,5. 6,7 and 8 are all about the same in order of cuteness. I do like the strawberry sweater. You "should" take my advice on this one BECAUSE grandmothers are in the know about cute! How could anyone not pick her in the cute contest.

  17. #4 has captured the nomination. The Booze has been photoshopped out. Thank you all for your help. I'll keep you posted


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