Friday, October 28, 2005


Two days until Halloween? Got your costume yet? I've been trying to come up with mine.
So far I've come up with:

1) Typical Pacific Northwest guy
2) Guy drinking beer
3) Guy getting a lap dance
4) Guy taking nap on sofa.

So, what are you going as?


  1. You could be a typical north western guy, drinking a beer whilst having a lap dance then go to sleep on the sofa....

    ...just saying ;)

  2. Anonymous7:28 PM

    A giant, inflatable penis

  3. I suppose I could combine the two. I could go as a typical Pacific Northwest penis. Although I'd need a lot of fabric, because, as everyone knows, the typical Pacific Northwest penis is VERY large.

    Just sayin...

  4. The Doll lives in Portland. You dress up dead .... I make you!

    The Doll Cartoons

  5. I was going to respond to the Doll on his own blog, and I may still. However, I'm having a disturbing Tyler Durden moment. I'm not sure that the Doll isn't me. Lives in Portland, went to Cal Poly, and according to my site counter, I'm the only person who has logged on since 11:00. Yet the doll commented at 11:36. Problem is, I have no conscious knowledge of the Doll. So, now I'm just very worried. Ooh, but maybe this means that I can score with Helena Bonham Carter. (hypothetically of course...)


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