Monday, March 03, 2008

Thank You Dita, and Your Fabulous Ass

Pepperocinis, and their proper pronunciation, remain one of the big text searches that bring folks into the Lounge. Who knows, maybe it brought you here too. Other big searches also include "Alligator tastes like chicken," "Girls with guns," and of course, "Gin and Tonic."

Be that as it may, however, in the last week, the big Google funnel has come from folks searching for pictures of Dita Von Teese's ass. A funnel, to the tune of 350 individual visitors today alone. You may remember that I featured a lovely pose of Dita in my latest List Update. Well, that particular picture has them lining up and begging for more...

And you know me: "Give 'em what they want..."

Thank you Dita, and thanks to your fabulous ass!


  1. I trust that you have seen this - you can see the face of Dita, before she was Dita.

    Please to enjoy:

  2. hmmm, we at least someone saw this post...

  3. I saw, but I can't get past the last photo, which looks like shes squatting down to do a poo

    Or maybe thats what you like about it...


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