Tuesday, March 25, 2008

White Cotton

We were alone... in the house... at night...

We weren't supposed to be, but my parents were gone.

She didn't come over to my place very often, but everything worked out just right, just for that one night.

We were in my room, on my bed, and the lights were on. We were kissing, as usual, and I was working on my one-handed bra-clasp removal technique. My hands were busy. Her hands were busy too. And well, you get the picture...

Then, something happened. Something unexpected. Something that hadn't happened before.

Her pants came off.

And there she was, in spectacularly simple white cotton panties. No frills. No clever iron-on logos. No lace. No sass.

White. Cotton. Perfect.

And I was amazed! Sure, I'd seen the women's underwear ads in the JC Penny catalogue. Hell, that catalogue had been as good as porn to the desperate church-going young male... But I'd never actually seen a girl, within prurient proximity, in her underwear before.

There was something about those simple white cotton undies. And there still is. I mean, don't get me wrong, t-backs, boy-cuts, french-cut, thong... they're all good (very good), but when it comes down to it, simple white cotton panties will win every time.

So, with all this sissy talk about matching and not matching, and panties and undies, and blah blah blah blah.... Really, what it boils down to is: less is more, and cotton is king.

Here are some pantie pictures, enjoy!

If you really want to keep talking about panty shopping and coordinating, I've got plenty more pictures to post...


  1. Do you still have your subscription to Japanese Teen Panty?

  2. Japanese Teen Panty is playing with Linkin Park on this year's Warped Tour, by the way.

  3. Lucky Red8:06 AM

    Not an uncommon statement from men- all stemming from the same nostalgia- the first glance at paradise-damn my account to Victoria's Secret... It's JC Penny's panties in a six pack for $10 bucks...and you men should invest in white Hanes t-shirts, worn-in Levis' and work boots...the metro-sexuals are killing my sex-drive...and get that F'in gel out of your hair. Get your grown man on...

  4. I will admit that yes, white cotton, or any color cotton panties are the best, most comfortable.

    However, there's something to be said for getting dressed all up in sexy bras and underwear...

  5. Oh, and bring on the photos, but be sure to mention what stores they came from.

  6. I have to agree with red on this one. I have these high school
    "EMO" guys that come into my office with more frosting in their hair and eye liner then one of my female assistants. I guess since most young girls consider themselves "bi" now the guys are trying to look like chicks with dicks.

    Another thing...If you wear $200 jeans and you are a guy, you should have your man card revoked.

    Nothing but shrink to fit 501s for me.

  7. Anonymous9:11 AM

    When I have to go poo I always use the saying "I'm pushing cotton"
    Just thought I would share that.

  8. Dr. Brian, you are such a lying whore. If you were a teenager right now, you'd be so Emo it would hurt.

  9. I'm with Dave on this. If he were 16 again, Dr. B would be swimming in gel and would keep his eyeliner in his pocket for quick touch ups.

    Dr. B was Emo before it was called Emo...

  10. The closet10:00 AM

    Red has a point. With all of these Emo guys, it's getting a little crowded in here.

  11. A whole new view of Dr. B....

  12. OK damnit!! Yes, I used to peroxide my hair and wear eyeliner to an occasional concert. I even wore flowery silk shirts with my bleached tight rolled pants.

    By the way...aqua net is still way better then gel for holding down a comb over.

    We wont even go into Dave's style in high school. And Brian...perms and Miami Vice dude, thats all I gotta say.

  13. Well, with Inog, Nostalgia IS the pleather playsuit and...er....nevermind...

    As for me, any selection is fine. Really, if you're at the point of the fashion show, then things are going quite well enough. It seems picky to start quibbling over fashion selections.

  14. If Tom can get me a digitized copy of my perm photo from his sister, I will post it on the Lounge.

  15. Also, if anyof you want to send photos of yourselves in your favorite underwear, I'll post those too.

  16. Addendum:

    Except Inog.

    I will not post photos of Inog in his Jockeys.

  17. Inog's Jockeys11:37 AM

    When I tried to come out for pictures there was sniper fire and the ceremony had to be cut short.

  18. I hereby challenge everyone to send in photos of yourselves in your favorite undies. Do it anonymously if you want, don't show your face, just the undies.

    I'll do it if you all do. Come on, who is with me?

  19. Inog's Jockey's11:38 AM

    Oh crap, I misspoke

  20. Dr. B's leopard print panties11:45 AM

    I'll come out and play!

  21. Ok, Dr. B, let's see those leopard prints...

  22. Marge... I'm afraid we really don't know whether that's a good trade or not yet...

    And to be clear - I am equally concerned about inog taking you up on that offer!!!

    I think Brian's still getting his emails from the Depeche Mode fan club, there's probably some photos with the hairspray, pegged acid wash jeans and shirt with sleeves rolled up.

    Speaking for myself - No emo. KNAC and Uncle Joe (on KLOS). Prog Rock (Yes, Marillion, Jethro Tull, etc). There was that brief metal phase, but no spiked collars and jean vests for me....ok...well.. the collars... but that was for different reasons...

  23. Mitch, It'd be a good trade

  24. I swear Dave and Mitch are long lost twins. Either that or gay lovers.

    I am the founder of the Depeche Mode fan club and a member of New Order, The Smiths and The Cure so kiss my butt.

  25. I keep saying that Dave and Mitch should get together for a drink...

    Just let me know. I'll make it happen.

    Then you can send photos of each other's underwear..

  26. I won't speak for Dave, but he isn't one of the regular readers I'd want to see the photos of (Sorry... no inog either)...

    Other applicants are welcome.

  27. Well Mitch can we count on you to participate?

  28. Im not sending anything till I know the guys are participating too....

    and inog in jockeys gave me visions i didn't need of horse racing jockeys....

  29. Finally another girl on board. So what do you say boys?

  30. Anonymous4:19 PM

    There is not enough wax in the world to make guys in underwear look good. Sorry, dont want to see the sausage.

  31. I already know that Brian has trouble keeping his pants on - in fact, he may be blogging pants-less at this very moment!

    I mean... you'd think the restraining order would take care of that...

  32. The restraining order expired.

    I'll show if everyone else shows...

  33. I hope Brians not pantless, he is still in work..

    men are not attractive in underwear but what is good for the goose...

  34. Lucky Red4:30 PM

    Ladies, please, have you not been keeping track of these boys? They will find some tight ass on the web and claim it to be their own, while holding a lotion bottle waiting for your honest submissions.

    Mr G & T: can you somehow verify these male underwear offerings,(yeah, i know you're dying to respond to this) and only if so, count me in.

    I can't promise white panties...RED, of course.

  35. Lucky Red -
    I don't know whether to be disturbed by the accuracy of your assessment of the male Lounge-reader's web-surfing skills, or that statement that Mr. G&T could be the arbiter of whether the pics are authentic or not.

    I mean, sure, he'd know inog, or Brian, or Dave...er...
    Gee... Mr G&T... I think you have some explaining to do...

    BTW - Red is fine...

  36. At least us ladies would get to see some nice ass even if it weren't real.

    Mine will be pink and lacy

  37. I'll be posting a submission address tonight...

  38. Im not admitting to anything or they'll know its me

    it won't be white cotton though...

  39. In response to Lisa, yes, I won't be admitting it's me, will we be able to submit anonymously Mr. G&T?

  40. Mr G&T promised me total anonymity on the lounge

    Don't know about him forwarding emails around though......

  41. I thought those were being distributed individually.

    If you send them to Mr G&T: 1. He won't get any more work done; and 2. It will be several days till the next blog update.

  42. I'll post the proposal tonight.

    I'm thinking non-pornographic, totally anonymous, no names or faces. I can sus out fakies...

    Full shots, angled shots, snippets.

    Those lurkers who do not participate will be taunted...

  43. That's why he says non-pornographic.
    If you send those in, he'll instantly know that they're from the web... from memory...

  44. Lucky Red6:32 PM

    Wait... unclaimed asses? I thought the whole point was to own up and be proud - Marge, you said it would be a good trade, and honey, i believe you so don't let these boys make you back down now. Put your ass out there.
    Mitch- yes, I disturb even myself from time to time,if you knew me, you would find it charming... you're posting your manly ass with your name, right? You don't strike me as a pussy - i bet you go to the grocery store without hair gel... oh, and thanks for validation of my color choice...
    That's it. I'm disappointed... I'm going to go breath this out in yoga...

  45. Unclaimed?
    Is there a Lost and Found?

  46. LOL, Marge, you all but identified yourself already... I'll be on the lookout for pink lace! ;-)

    Me, I've got a trick or two up my sleeve :-D

  47. Krispy Kreme Boxers

  48. Don't worry Red I won't back down now. I'll be looking for yours tomorrow too. I think everyone will know it's me if they've read my color choice.

    Helly, can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve girl

    And inog I'll be looking for those Krispy Creme boxers.....

  49. The panty1:43 AM

    Someone wants me to make a comeback! Like I said, I'm not the best thing on earth, only next to it, unless I am next to sausage . . .


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