Friday, March 14, 2008


There are no rules in the Lounge.

Well, OK, there is ONE rule in the Lounge - Don't use my children's real names.

And, well, there are a few other personal rules that only I follow and no one else knows about, but other than those...

There are no rules in the Lounge.

As Inog has pointed out, over and again, most folks (myself included) only come to read the comments. To a great extent, my lengthy hand-crafted works of nightly micro-literature are really secondary to the experience.

...Which is great! And so, I try to keep the Lounge, as a whole, a forum for the free-flow of words (if not ideas). And to create that dynamic, folks have to be given the opportunity to comment anonymously.

Now sure, my tracker allows some degree of detection, but the system is vague and unreliable at best, rife with conjecture and guess work. And truthfully, most of the time I couldn't care less.

Some folks hide behind false identities, which are, at times, brilliant.

However, many folks simply hide behind anonymous when they want to be anonymous, I assume, mostly from me.

OK, fine, but the continuity gets lost, just a little, when 8 different folks are hiding behind the same nom de plum.

So, hurray for the folks who at least give us a consistent, yet anonymous, tag to track!

Hurray for Inog and BS/Dr.B!

Let's hear it for Fred and even the Princess...

We miss Abestis, but welcome the recent addition of Lucky Red and Marge.

And I would be remiss if i didn't acknowledge Ux, Oosje or Mrs. G&T.

I think at one time or another, we have all been the Hat, the Oar, the Panties, Hillary, Obama, Dick Cheney, Paris Hilton, Jesus Christ, Christina Ricci, Satan and Daisy. So, they don't count.

But the real heroes are the ones who use their real names!

Tom (and Mrs. Tom)
and the others who I am sure I have overlooked...

So, really, it's OK to use "Anonymous," and sometimes it can be used to great effect (usually at my expense), but if you find yourself commenting frequently, as well you should, I would encourage you to consider using some consistent moniker... So we can at least keep track of your endless wit.

Oh, and, considering that this post was neither funny, interesting or entertaining, here is a LINK to a prior post, which was really quite witty...


  1. "endless wit"

    gave me a laugh.


  2. some consistent moniker7:19 AM

    Well, seems sorta clunky and I think it will still be confusing if we all use it but hey, its your blog...

  3. Anonymous8:07 AM

    I agree completely

  4. Anonymous8:27 AM

    fuck off jerk...track this!!

  5. I too come back throughout the day because I love to read the comments and was once one of those "anonmyous" commenters.

    But now I'm not sure about my decision to come up with a consident're tracking us?

  6. The Gin and Tonic lounge serves only one purpose for Brian. He needs attention...and lots of it. He was basically your geeky high school guy that wasnt very popular with the ladies or good at any sports. I hung out with him because I felt sorry for him and he has a hot sister.

    So yes, he is tracking you! And probably masturbating.

  7. Dr. B you've once again enlightened us...who'd have guessed Mr. G&T was a geek and has a masturbation problem?

  8. LOL-- I always thought "Anonymous" was rather pointless because you could usually ferret out who it was by the tracker ;-)

  9. It seems I have probably just profiled about 95% of the readers.

    Pass the vasaline

  10. Yeah... I wasn't very popular with the girls in high school, either :-P

  11. But Helly, were you popular with the boys?

  12. Vaseline10:48 AM

    No, BS, you have profiled 100% of the readers.

  13. Come to think of it, Marge... no :(

  14. Remember people...Every time you touch yourself a kitten dies.

  15. So, fewer cats in the world... and why is that a BAD thing, exactly?

  16. Toyota Tacoma11:22 AM

    Oh if I could only talk...Why do you think he is selling me.

  17. I wasn't a geek
    I was good at sport
    I wasn't popular with the girls

    and I find KY better than vaseline

  18. Well Helly you must have done something right along the way it sounds like you've got a family now

  19. Yeah, but you haven't met my husband yet ;-)

  20. Another dying kitten11:48 AM


  21. I have met Helly's hubby Marge and I can vouch hes cool

    Well, cool in a computer geeky kinda way but very nice all the same

  22. See Helly, you're doing something right, Lisa thinks your hubby is cool, and as we decided the other day sexiness is all subjective...

  23. Ah, but she said "cool", not "sexy" ;-)

    Just kiddin'... thanks, both of you. As far as husbands go, he's a pretty cool one... even if he IS a tall freak, causing our son to outgrow clothes faster than normal :-/

  24. The point is he's sexy to you.

  25. Brian's fragile ego1:27 PM


    This blog is about me, not Helly's family.

  26. Uh, no, definitely not sexy - not to me anyway...

    sorry Helly - but you know the one thing we'll never agree on is our taste in men

    Brian's ego - fragile?

    now thats the funniest comment all year...

  27. True-- I'll pick Kevin Spacey over Ewan anyday!

    as for the fragile ego, it actually makes perfect sense-- you know how, if you over-inflate a balloon, it's more susceptible to popping at the slightest poke? Same goes for egos-- you over-inflate them, and they're just sitting there waiting to burst!

  28. Brian's ego fragile? Ha! That is the funniest comment all year.


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