Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

OK, enough politics.

Happy Easter to you, whether you are a pagan celebrating the rites of spring, or believer celebrating, um... crucifixion, bunnies and brunch...

Now, let's see, what does Mr. G& T have in his egg basket for you?

Ah yes, here you go...


  1. Looks like my sister Kim's friend Viva.

    Here is another shot of her -

  2. Mr. G&T - youhave outdone yourself once again...

  3. Thanks Mitch, I aim to please

  4. Umm..Happy Easter to you too

  5. ha ha! she enjoys having weiner put in her real good! ha ha! that bunny is really putting the meaty weiner in her hot hot mucous pot! that's a funny bunny!

  6. Wow. So this is what happens when a girl goes to sea?

    Happy Easter, bitches.

    I'm not sure I can ever scrub my brain hard enough to erase the thought of "mucous pot" out. It's interesting how one little word can just skeeve the hell out of a wonderful part of the female anatomy.

  7. Familytrain has a special talent for words...

    Always has.


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