Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bunnies Sunshine Flowers

Do you need salt?" Rob asked, as the waitress delivered what appeared to be two pint glasses of ice tea.

They were enormous, more akin to buckets than shot glasses. And that wasn't ice tea sloshing around inside. Sure I'd heard tales. I'd been privy to rumors. But the dirty little secret was, I'd never tried it.

"Of course not, you pussy!" I confidently replied. Girls were watching, and I wasn't about to show any signs of weakness.

It was early in my drinking career, still in college, and I had just become legal. I was well acquainted with beer, and no stranger to vodka, but tequila... Ah, tequila.

I took the glass in hand, hesitated only for the briefest of moments, and tossed it back in a smooth motion. I contained the reflexive grimace creeping across my face, and and held down the churning objection in my belly.

I had taken my first shot of tequila without assistance of lime or salt. The girls were impressed, and I was well on my way toward inebriation.

Since then, I have had a long and storied relationship with tequila. I have aged with it. Matured. I shot it when I was young, chasing the fiery chupecabra, the toxic tequila high. when I got a little older, I learned to mix margaritas from scratch, cultivating my creativity and sipping it socially.

Now I buy expensive tequila, and sip it straight, exploring the complicated character and savoring the spice.

Like fire, I have learned to fear and respect it. Also like fire, I occasionally get careless and burn myself.

It was the end result of two pint-sized Cointreau-flavored margaritas last night that produced the angry tirade that caused so much concern. In response, I promised happy bunnies, flowers and sunshine, and so, in good Lounge fashion, here they are:

Oh, and, go do a Google Images search for "sunshine bunnies." Check out which of your favorite bloggers shows up on the first results page...


  1. I think I like all three photos equally. And I find that disturbing.

    As for tequilla, have you tried 1921? Good stuff. And of course, Porfidio Plata.

  2. So glad to see you in such a better mood. Thanks especially for the flowers.

    Tequila, straight with lemon and salt...the only way to go

  3. Inog is correct. Perfidio is the bomb.

  4. Sammy Hagar10:58 AM

    Hey man, don't forget my premium Cabo Wabo brand tequila...

    You know it's good, because it has the word "wabo" in the name...

  5. the worm10:59 AM

    dont eat me!!!

  6. I can vouch for the worm, don't eat it, it fucks you up!

  7. You guys are such alcohol snobs

    Who cares what brand it is.

    Make me a margarita, in fact make me several. I get drunk. I have a good time.

    The best margarita I had was on a hen weekend in Paris, in an Irish pub, served to me by a hot Frenchman speaking English with an American accent because he learnt English by watching American TV.

    It was surreal

  8. Small perky breasts are yummy...was there words on the last post?

  9. sippin tequila - maybe a sign of age or "maturity" (though clearly, maturity isn't something that flows from drinking it).

    As for "sunshine bunnies" - When I thing of the Lounge, and "bunnies" - I'm thinking Hef...

  10. Lisa I think you and I would have fun drinking together, you sound just like me, give me a margarita or a straight shot and let's get drunk...

  11. Tytainya12:16 PM

    Hhave you ever googled pillow fight?

  12. Go back to the frat house, Mitch. Good tequila should indeed be sipped, otherwise you cannot taste the actual flavor. It's the Cuervo crap you shoot or put in a margarita (where you won't taste the tequila over the sweet lime taste anyway.)

  13. Crossing streams...

    I'm trying to do quick calculations...

    Let's see, Dave was Highschool, Mitch was law school, but they both live in LA...

    Nope, I don't think Dave and Mitch know each other. But they should.

    You two should go drinking together...

  14. Crossing streams? that the Gay porn you were featured in back in the lean Cal Poly days circa 1991?

    My advice, have another Tequilla and wish it never happened.

  15. I'd like to nominate myself for comment of the year...

  16. Dave -
    Let me clarify: I was agreeing that siping was the proper method of consumption. That in fact, it was a sign of maturity to move from the sugary sweet concoctions that pass for cocktails.

    But, that either way, with enough alcohol, bad, immature things happen.

  17. Agreed on both counts.

  18. I'm going to email both of you so you guys can meet up and kiss.

    Mitch lives very close to where Dave works...

    You guys could meet up and have a nooner!

    just sayin...


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